Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 1: Gangsta Song

Here is a song the lovely Sister Reed and I have written together. We like to think of it as the gospel in Ebonics. 

Ridin' in our hoopty, sayin' whattado,
Preachin' da word, two by two.
Holla at yo neighbor, holla in da hood.
Dunk 'em in da water, 'cause this is good.
Aint no time to worry. Ain't no time to wait.
Come on little shawty, set a date.
Now you be forgiven. Now you be so clean.
Foo you be livin' a celestial dream.
Next step is da temple. Don't you miss a beat.
Convert yo baby mama and save her a seat.

Please. Take a moment and absorb the artistic creativity in this song. Relish in it.

Thanksgiving was a fantastical time. We had our annual mission Turkey Bowl. It was fun to have our entire mission together for a couple of fun, competitive games of good ol' football.

Then I got to eat dindin with my favorite family ever- the Diaz's! They are doing awesome and are still on track for the temple for either this month or next. They shared with me their talks that they gave at Stake Conference. So cute and tender.

Heads up--- please forgive me Mumma, but I'm practically going to leave/give away most of my clothes in a few weeks. Mainly because I'm sick of the same 10 outfits that I have. Also-- I'm prob gonna leave behind all my bedding and such, too. I also will be mailing home a package prob with some random junk. 

Elder Andelin and I sang a song last night at the musical fireside. It was a song that E. Carson and Sister Reed wrote. Pretty cool song. It was fun to perform with Elder Andelin, too.

We've been working hard. I told Sister Reed in comp inventory that it is "time to sprint." We are gonna pick things up even a notch higher. She was like "Oh dear. I'm gonna be tired. But let's do it." So we gotta sprint to the end-- ain't no time for trunkiness. 

I love "I'm sorry's". Even though they can be hard to do. But when you swallow your pride and say it-- things always get better. And forgiveness. That's a nice thing. 

Oh! Have you heard about the Church's new Christmas initiative? If not, you must be living under a rock, but that's ok. Let me tell you about it. The Church has an awesome vision of putting "Christ" back into Christmas and helping people understand that Christ IS the gift, therefore, they have started a 3 step program.

1. Discover the gift.
2. Embrace the gift.
3. #Share the gift.

They have created a new website--

with a new video.

They want missionaries around the world to be a part of this program and use these special new pass-along cards to start conversations about Christ and Christmas during the Christmas season. They want us handing out at least 10 a day. It has been super fun to talk to people, especially during this time when people's hearts are typically softened and more willing to talk and listen.

This is revelation from God. It's gonna work.

How are YOU gonna #sharethegift this Christmas season?

I love yall!


Sister Andelin

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