Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10: God is Gold

To help you understand that subject line, that me set you up with some backstory.

The other day, Sister Reed and I went out to lunch to a cute little Tawainese restaurant that we have been raving over for the past couple of weeks. We ate with a senior sister missionary who joined the church only 3 months ago! It was so neat to hear her conversion story.

On the way in, I noticed an artist outside with an ellaborate display of many paintings, which she was selling. After our delicious lunch, I felt prompted to speak with her. So we all went up and started conversin. 

The paintings were really beautiful, but all very pricey.

I said "I'm sorry. If I wasn't a poor missionary, I'd buy one!"

She looked at me and said "Oh no! You aren't a poor missionary. You've got God. And God is gold." 

I did a lot of reflecting on that statement.

And I realized how true that is-- it doesn't matter what else we have in the world-- as long as we have God (and Christ)-- we are wealthy. Spiritually speaking. 

We had an unbelievable week! We have literally been so blessed. I know that numbers don't matter, it is the names behind the numbers, but our numbers have pretty much almost quadrupled since we came in. (Sorry, that sounds really prideful) (I'm just really excited)

And we had some amazing miracles happen.

First off. Moe. The elders gave us a referral for a boy named Dayton. The problem is, it was the wrong address. We knocked on many doors trying to find this door in a sketchy apartment complex at night. Well we knock into Moe. He doesn't like us walking around the apartment complex at night by ourselves (we had a member with us) and he walks us to the different doors we go to. Come to find out, he's interested. 

We go back the next week and teach him lesson one. He LOVES it! He was so excited. He wants to be baptized. He said he has so much respect for the LDS religion. And he has a crazy story-- he used to be a sniper in the military. He retired and trained the SWAT team in Las Vegas. And then became a police officer. Well he was framed by a man and sent to prison for 19 months, until his case was reviewed and they realized they had the wrong man. Well, during that time, he lost his faith in God. But he is now restoring it.

He gave the best motivational speech, too! He said we were soldiers. On the front lines. And that it takes a special person to do what we do. So cutesy.

Ok. There is a DNC PMF in our ward who we were asked to go see. They haven't been very kindly to other ward members, so I was a bit nervous and ready for a good chew-out. Well, when the door opened, 2 of their neighbors, the Foster kids, were standing there. I was really confused, because I know the Foster kids-- we teach their family the active member lessons. So for a moment, I thought we had the wrong house. But nope, Sister C. came to the door. We invited her to a Christmas pageant thingy and she said "Oh my parents, the E., live in that stake-- the Redrock stake."

I said "No. Way. Is your brother Austin (name changed)?"


"AAAHH!! I love him and his family! They are the best! I served in their ward for 7 1/2 months!"

Immediately, we just connected with this family. And they let us in! We had a great conversation and were able to share a message about Jesus Christ, whom they don't believe in any more. 

I also felt very strongly to share briefly, my struggle with anxiety and depression. And how relying on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ has helped me to cope and deal with that challenge.

Well guess what?

She has depression and anxiety, too!

Crazy, huh?

The Lord puts us where we are needed most.

They are actually going to allow us to come back sometime this week!

Also-- we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator-- T. She is 9 years old. And I love this little girl with all my heart. She is such a special spirit. Her mom gave Sister Reed and I the best compliment ever. She said "Thank you both so much. My little sweetheart loves you two. And you two are going to be able to help us put our family back together. She is getting baptized sometime the beginning of December. :) But we just instantly clicked with this family. When we came for our lesson, Taylor and her little sister had decorated the house and had little notes that said "Welcome!" 

Being a missionary has its cons, but it DEFINITELY has its perks.

Also, we had an awesome dinner (At the same Thai place) with a YSA ward member. He brought his friend, V., to dinner. And we had an AMAZING dinner conversation with her! We taught her a little lesson and she definitely has an interest in learning more.

I love Sister Reed. She is such a cutie. She is a great last companion to have. She keeps me focused and in line. And makes sure I don't get too crazy. Haha.

So we have been up since 4:30 this morning. Some of us from our zone went hiking up a mountain. We got mostly to the top and then stopped and did our studies on the mountaintop. And we sang "High on the Mtn Top" Hahah. I have a video of it. I'll have to show yall later. (It isn't very beautiful....hahaha) It was so much fun. Coming back down was kinda scary though. I almost died a couple of times...nbd. I also ran into a cactus and Sister Reed couldn't find a band-aid, but she did have a...pad. HAHAH! Totally epic.

I love yall!

Thanks for your prayers. I feel them.

Thanks for your letters. I need them.

Thanks for your love. I love them.


Sister Andelin


These are my bros.

Studyin on the mountaintop

Pads have many useful functions

Letters from both the Gmas on the SAME DAY

November 3: Quite a Week of Spiritual Rejuvenation


Boy, do I have some things to share with all yall! I actually wrote down what I wanted to reveal with you, so this week I actually have an agenda I should like to discuss.

I had an experience with a member who denies the God exists, but I was told that he does believe.
I said "So know it's easier to deny the existence of God than to think that He actually loves you." We taught him about the Atonement and that he isn't without the reach and forgiveness of it. 

It was really special. We are meeting with him again tonight.

We also have found 2 new investigators through pretty miraculous means. One of them is T. His wife is a recently returned member. We had the opportunity to have dinner with them (their very first time ever feeding missionaries in their 2 years of marriage!!!) and to teach him about the Restoration. He said if he came to knew that what we were teaching was true, he'd be baptized! Even though my companion and I were awkward in the lesson, the Lord magnified our call, and allowed the spirit to touch his heart and his wifes as we taught. 

Another new investigator, J., was found through LaTonia (another investigator). J. recently got out of jail, but during his imprisonment, he found God. He testified to us, that God hears and ANSWERS prayers. He said "Looking at you two, I know I can trust you. You are from God." And he wanted to meet with us the next day. Well we did go back the next day. And he asked us to come back an hour later because of something that came up. We went back an hour later and he said he forgot. We stood there and I tried really hard not to be frustrated. I explained that it wouldn't take long, only 15 minutes. Well three of his friends were calling to him and they were about to go take a smoke (of pot). He asked if we could give him 10 minutes so he could go smoke. He said he had been sober all day and needed to smoke. He was literally caught in the middle. 3 of his friends were on one side calling him over and the three of us on the other (we brought a member with us). It should have been a scene from a movie. Pretty epic and dramatic. He was standing in the middle looking at his friends and then us. My companion said "What do you think is more important? THAT or THIS?" He came back to us. And we taught him. It was a really profound experience that pertains to life. What is more important to us? Whose side are we on? How often are we caught in the crossfires of evil versus good. I want to always be on the Lord's side and never waver.

We finally had a chance to meet with two more of our investigators. We taught them about the Book of Mormon at the chapel. R. is having a hard time accepting anything else except for the Bible, but he is really searching for truth, and he has felt the spirit with us. Thankfully, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to "test it." 

This week we also had a wonderful zone conference. All about supporting our leaders and enduring to the end. Some funny highlights were when I ate lunch with the APs and the mission pres and his wife and President Ahlander said "Sister Andelin has always just done what she wants to do anyways." Yea... I'm pretty stubborn.

Also, when I went up to bear my departing testimony and I totally looked like a blubbering mess up there. And as I was crying I started laughing. Someone commented later that I look hysterical when I cry/laugh. Basically I called it my "Acceptance Speech" because I didn't think I'd make it that far. And I thanked God, Jesus, the Ahlanders, Elder Andelin, and all of my companions. I also said I had changed a lot...including gaining 10 pounds. Then I said "I can't believe I just said that...that's embarrassing." And everyone laughed. But I really haven't gained 10..more like 5. 

And then another elder gave his testimony and he said something SO AWKWARDLY FUNNY that I couldn't stop laughing. And it was supposed to be really serious. And then Sister Larsen started laughing. And then it became even more funny. And then he called us out from the pulpit. Poor kid, he waited 2 years to give that speech and I totally ruined it. I apologized to him later.

Some other things I learned

Repentance is SO real! Christ can heal us. He is the Healer. There were some things I really needed to change as a missionary and I applied the Atonement and let Christ heal me. Mmmmm. I love it.

On Halloween we had another specialized meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers and there was a portion where the President says some things about the trainers anonymously. Well at one point he said "And some trainees said they liked how their trainers were bold." And he looked directly at me and then said "Sister Andelin." Everyone laughed. And then Sister Reed said "Man! He said it was gonna be anonymous!" 

I love that man.

Testimony isn't as important as conversion.

It's not all about what you know , it's about what you do because of what you know.

That is true conversion.

Have a wonderful week!

I love you all!

Sister Andelin.

P.s. I recieved a blessing this week and in it, it said to rely on my mission friends for support and strength. And that I have so many people praying for me. It was really beautiful. I realized just how great my support system really is. So thank you. Thank you for anyone who has ever prayed for me. I have felt that. I have felt the strength and the faith that you have had for Jesus Christ in my behalf. And I'm so grateful!


Mama Ahlander and I

Chillin on the couch

October 20: Dearest Family


So like I really am running out of things to say in these things.


Let me rack my brain. 

What did we do this week....

Some missionary work.

Some more missionary work.

And....oh yea...we did some missionary work.

We really have been working our bu--ttons off. 

There is nothing quite as exciting and fulfilling as a good, hard day's worth of work.

We have two new investigators. 

People here are pretty friendly. We've had a great reception by the ward and community. Our area is GINORMICA. We cover a WHOLE stake because we are YSA and then a family ward within the stake. So it is pretty fun. Lots of driving all over the place.

Sister Reed is an amazing greenie. She reminds me of myself. (Not that I'm saying that I was amazing....ok. That sounded bad) Her energy and determination reminds me of myself. Sometimes I have to check myself and realize that I need more faith. Haha. Workin' on it!

Oh. my. lanta. I just remembered a cool story. So we met with this less active chick and she is a body builder! (That was an essential detail that you needed to know. Trust me.) Ok so she is pretty legit. And she was telling us this insane story of how she was held hostage in a foreign country for a couple of years. I would LOVE to make a film out of her life. Pretty amazing stuff.

Ok but now to yall.

Congrats to little Fae Fae! She is such a cutie. ( I sent her a pic of Fae's missing tooth.)

And Jackson is the MAN!  (I sent her a pic of Craig and Jackson sitting side by side on the couch "watching" BYU football!  Ha!)

Love yall!

I know the gospel is true! With all my heart, mind, and soul.

Keep on pluggin', even when the pluggin' gets plugged.

Sister Andelin

October 27: Birthday Week

Happy birthday Taylor Joseph Andelin!!!

(Well in a couple of days!)

Go party. But not too hard!

Hahaha. Love ya!



So we had a pretty good week, except for all of the appointments that fell through. But we did find 3 new investigators!!!!

That was exciting. 

Hey can yall send me letters or something please?

I'm not getting any letters anymore. And this is slightly depressing.

I'm doing well. Life is a beautiful thing!

Love yall!

I love our Savior!

Sister Andelin


Light at the end of the tunnel

October 13: No Time

Hey I got jipped like 35 min today.

No time to email.

But Landy emailed me!!!! So I'm writing her back.  (Her friend from high school)

We get to watch the movie in a couple of weeks! (Meet the Mormons)

That is too funny about Taylor. Shameless. I love it.  (referring to Taylor leading the "Popcorn" song in the theater last week.

I love covering 2 wards. We cover a YSA and family ward so that's fun.

The bishop in the YSA is the father of one of my HT from BYU! Small world, huh?

I love Sister Reed. She's amazing.

Take care.

I love the gospel, Jesus, Heavenly Father, scriptures, icecream, food, etc etc.

Sister Andelin

October 6: Bebe Numero 3

Dearest family-

I am proud to inform you that bebe #3 will be born shortly, in approximately 6 hours. My mission posterity will go on and the Andelin name will be had for good and evil among all generations of time in the Nevada Las Vegas West mission.

It's kind of funny because I was specifically hoping that I did NOT train again. Because training is really hard. 

And then President calls this past Thursday.

But of course, I accepted the call to serve.

It is a really odd thing. I am really excited. But I think I'm most nervous about this companionship. She will be my LAST companion! I won't even get to finish training her before I go home. (We do a 12 week training program and I only have 10 weeks left.) I'm excited because I'm not going to tell her that I'm almost going home. And I'm gonna work those new shoes right off her little feet. We're going to come home every night so exhausted that we won't even want to change into our PJs, but we'll just crash in our missionary clothes. And then in a couple of weeks, at zone conference, she will get up to give her introduction testimony. And a few hours later, I will get up to give my departing testimony. I feel really at peace and I am excited to meet her.

She is sitting right now in the mission president's home. Probably a  healthy combination of anxiety and excitement as she is thinking about what it means to have that sacred black tag on her chest. She is praying that her first companion is relatively normal and will train her to be the best missionary she can be. Her parents are at home praying that same prayer, too. (Hopefully.) She is wondering if she will be able to make it. If she knows enough. What will be required of her? It is crazy to think about how that was me, 15 1/2 months ago. And now those two worlds are meeting. The beginning and the end. 

We are DT-ing into my last area. The Meadows stake. Meadows 9th ward. We are taking it over from elders (that is my favorite way to DT. The ward typically gets really excited to have sisters for the first time.) 

Ironically, I am going to miss Tule Springs. There were many tears shed here. And it took some time-- a long time -- before I learned to love it here. And I truly am going to miss it. We had our busiest week this past week. The most lessons we've had throughout the past 3 months. That was exciting. We practically tripled it since our first week.

And one of the PMF we were working with, signed my little transfer journal. The wife, who is a member, wrote that we were the first members of the church that her husband actually stayed in the room for. They've been married for 10 years and every time someone would come over, he would leave. They just recently moved here from Utah and we instantly clicked with that family. It has been so cool to see him changing. He has actually been keeping his commitments and he read the BoM chapter we gave them last week. I can't remember if I told you this or not, but he struggles finding faith in Jesus Christ. He was praying the other day in his car and asking for a sign. When he looked up, the car in front of him had a sign that said "Trust Jesus". Hahah! Can't ask for a better sign, right? How cool is that? And the other day they rescheduled with us, because he wanted to be able to be there for the lesson. They're just really special and I'm going to miss them a lot. Their 8 year old son is getting baptized this month, so hopefully I can come back for that!

I absolutely loved General Conference! Whenever I watch that though, I always think of about 50 things I need to repent of and do better in my life. It can get kind of exhausting thinking about it. And then I have to stop and remind myself that THAT IS THE WHOLE REASON WE ARE HERE! And that the Savior's Atonement is for me. And his mercy and grace are sufficient for me. If I want it. 

I really felt a theme of prophets throughout conference. And oh how I love our prophet! I completely believe that he is our living prophet of God here on the earth! And I love Christ's 12 Apostles as well. And my boy, Elder Holland. Love his talks! I can't wait to get the November Ensign and read and devour all of their talks again and again!

I also got your letter this week Mumma! Holy Crazy! I am so grateful that the good Lord was watching over you Dad!!!! Crazy crazy......craycray

I love you!

Sister Andelin


Concepcion family!!!! <3

September 29: The question really is... Am I a ginger or not?

That has been a topic of conversation in my zone these past couple of transfers.

But really.

I do not believe I am a ginger.

I have strawberry blonde hair. And freckles. 

That is not ginger status.


Pretty epic week. Remind me to tell you one day why. 

So the musical fireside was last night and an elder from my mission, Elder Fugate, and I performed a song together. It is called "I Turn to You." And it was a song I started writing when I was like 14 years old. I had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago and then I finished it. Elder Fugate helped me put it all together and he played the gui-tar and also sang with me.

It was so sweet, my companion's parents sent a lei and so I wore that when I performed. 

Some other random things we did were--

Clean a chicken coop

Actually that's the only other random thing I can think of.

I can't believe I already have my ticket home. That is really odd to me. Man. I'm gonna miss this life like no other. I got a little bit trunky as I watched Women's Conference and saw all the little girls holding their mamas hands. And I thought of you Mom. And how much I miss you. And then I laughed because I knew you had the same thought. (Well that is...IF you watched Women's conference yet...I just realized you were at the beach....haha) It truly was a great conference and my spirit was fed.

I am so excited for General Conference this weekend! I love conference, especially as a missionary. You just eat up every word the speakers share. 

I am coming to really understand what it means to receive revelation through the scriptures, more specifically, the Book of Mormon. 

The other night I was pleading with the Lord. I needed to know that He heard me. I knew that He did, but I needed the comfort and reassurance that He heard me that very second. After my prayer, I had the thought "Turn to Mosiah 3:4."

This is what is says
For the Lord hath heard thy prayers, and hath judged of thyrighteousness, and hath sent me to declare unto thee that thou mayest rejoice; and that thou mayest declare unto thy people, that they may also be filled with joy.

So cool. I love revelation. I know that God hears and ANSWERS our prayers-- in His timing and in His way.

Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Love yall!!!

Sis A


Elder Fugate and I last night after we performed

Real height difference

Comp unity

September 22: Jeepers Mister!

Wanna hear the funniest story of your lives?

Please. Brace yourself.

I'm being serious. Please make sure you are sitting on something strong and firm. That will not fall.


So earlier this week, Sis 'Otukolo and I and 2 other sisters got to help at a farm! I was SO EXCITED because I haven't scooped poo in over 15 months! So I was in heaven, scooping scooping scooping. Well Sis 'Otukolo has never done anything like this is her life. She is the perfect definition of a city girl. After about an hour or so of scooping up this dirty hay with poo, she stops and says--

"What is that?!?!" While pointing to the ground.

We stop.

"What is what?"

"Those little brown things?"

We start to smile, but try to restrain the laughter.

"What do you think it is?"

"I don't know....beans?"

At this point, we lose it. And explain to her that those are in actuality not beans, but goat poop. It was so funny, my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so much. 

Later that evening as we were back in our apartment and I'm recording this story down in my journal so that I never forget it, I ask her why she thought they were beans.

She said "Don't all country people just have beans growing all over the place?"

Apparently they do. And back home, we must have SO MANY BEANS!

I told her they were magic beans that allowed more beans to grow. 

Ok. On a more spiritual note. We found 5 new investigators this week! Things are picking up in Tules. (That is what Sis 'O calls it. It is really Tule Springs) 

And yesterday we met with a new PMF that just moved down here from Utahr. And they love it here. Well they've been married for about 11 years or so and he has never taken the missionary lessons. We invited him to and he agreed. Well we had this PERFECT fellowshipping couple who we had planned to bring and we prepared them etc etc. And the husband used to be the same religion. Same age. It just couldn't have been more perfect. I was so excited for this lesson which was a Sunday evening. (Those are always the best) Well right after church we get a text from the couple in the ward that says that they can't make it. I was initially pretty bummed. But the spirit whispered peace to my heart and said "Don't worry. It was supposed to happen this way." So I ask Sis 'O who she thinks we can invite to this lesson. She suggests another couple. They were able to come even though it was pretty late notice. Well. I KNOW that that couple was supposed to come with us. They actually knew some of the same people from Utah and bonded instantly. But the spirit in that room could not be denied. It was thick. And really special. We taught the Restoration and the husband listened intently. Their kids were also really engaged. These are the moments missionaries yearn and live for. It gave us the juice to keep going. 

Life is great. I'm still working hard. Ain't nobody got time to be lazy. The Lord is hastening His work!!

Continue to help your local missionaries out! Love them. Get to know them. Give em people to teach. Feed em. We like food. 

Oh but please never pray this prayer.

"Please bless that the missionaries will be led to those searching for the truth..."

Stop praying that they'll find them and start praying that YOU will find them for the missionaries to teach.

Ok. You can still pray that prayer, but please amend it to this

"Please bless that I ,personally, and my family members... and also the missionaries will be led to those searching for the truth. Please give me the courage I need to open my mouth and share the gospel, just like the missionaries should be doing."

If we're gonna hasten the Lord's work, we gotta do it together. And it is going to take a bunch of little hastenings within ourselves and people around us to produce a MASS HASTENING.

Ok. Done with my soapbox for now. 

Stay tuned till next week.


E''rrbody gotta get a "green-do" on their face

September 15: Snoop Sisters

Hear, hear, hear.

Or is it here, here, here?

I know you all want the story.

But my lips are sealed.

This week has been quite a comical one.

I never want to be famous, just so you know.

We have been officially/unofficially nicknamed the "Snoop Sisters" by our lovely community.

It'll be great for our proselyting efforts.

Our ward members, missionaries, and people that we are working with were super excited. Our phone was blowing up with calls and texts. We even were corresponding with our mission president, Thank goodness we had permission to be there! Hahaha....that would have been awkward.


"Uh hey there president Ahlander. ... You saw what?!? Hmmm.... I don't think that was us.... Are you sure it was missionaries?  .... A ginger and a poly? ....I'm sure there are plenty of those in Vegas.... Ok. You caught us. We're SO SORRY!!!!"

I just honestly hope that some awesome missionary experiences come from this.

Was it President Benson that said once upon a time, let's "flood the earth with the BoM?"

Well. Hopefully that was a flood. 

Anyhew. We had some great experiences. We met a man named Charlie on the streets. We taught him about the Restoration and he was quoting scripture as we were going along. As we shared the First Vision, he said "Wow!" At the end, we invited him to pray about it and he said "I don't need to pray. I already know that what you just shared is true!"

Super cool. I know the Lord has people prepared to receive the gospel and that are ready. It's just finding them that is the tricky part. 

I had the BEST experience this week! In our ZTM, my ZLs surprised me by inviting some RCs to come speak to us about their conversion experiences. Well they invited Sister Diaz to speak. When she came in, I literally started crying! And you know what is crazy?!? That morning, as I was contemplating which outfit to wear, I decided to wear an outfit that I hadn't worn in over 2 months! Well that outfit is the one that is Sister Diaz's FAVORITE!!! There aren't words to say to express how much it meant to me to see her there! And she told me that they are getting sealed in November! (Prob my last transfer) Perfect way to end my mission.

Also. I have been working with an elder to write and finish a song de spiritual that I wrote when I was like 14 years old. It has turned out pretty cool. I'm excited. We might be performing it at the end of this month.


I love you all!

Jesus Christ lives. He is everyone's Savior, including Snoop Dogg. He is the only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I know that the gospel and all of the covenants and ordinances we need to prepare us to be with God again are back on the earth. Not only are they back in the way they were intended to be, but the divine power to administer them, are back too! I know that we have a prophet on the earth today, President Monson. And I am SO eggcited to hear what he has to say in a couple of weeks.


Sister A

September 8: Snoop Dogg


Just chillin' with Snoop Dogg. 


September 2

Wake me up when September ends......

Have you ever heard of that song?? It's a good one.


Time for the leaves to change colors into a sea of beautiful shades of Autumn. 

That's a joke....... for Vegas. No trees here!!!

I am so happy right now. Jackson is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen. And that is completely unbiased in my opinion. 

Ok. I really don't know what to write in these emails anymore.

Life is still great.

Things are picking up.

Found a couple new people to start teaching. 

We have dinner tonight with the Bishop and one of our Invs.

Oh ok. Now this is a funny story--

My zone went to the temple with my cousin's zone this transfer (I really think they do this on purpose...always putting us together haha). Well in the Celestial room, we were sitting next to each other and were really close. We were whispering to each other and chatting.

Well there are like 53465435 new missionaries in our mission and they don't know that we are related. Well one of them told his trainer later on "Man! Did you see Elder Andelin in the temple? He was REALLY flirty with that sister sitting next to him!!"

He said "Dude. That is his COUSIN!"


There is an awesome family in our ward who own a house and a pig farm in the Philippines. They said I could go visit there and stay at their house! I totally want to do that one day.

Something I have learned--

The gospel is never the popular or even easy choice. But it is always the best choice.

A unique thing about truth-- it doesn't change with time, location, or circumstance. 

It doesn't change depending on who believes it.

Truth is truth. It is eternal.

And the Christ has restored His truths back to the earth.

Mmmmmm. I love it.


We supah cute

We supah fly

Cousins UNITE

August 26: Family

Dearest kinfolk and others-

How is your life(lives) going?

Mine is going great.

Transfer calls came.

My companion and I are staying. But we are moving into an apartment with 2 other sisters. This means PARTY.

Here is my typical day schedule

5:55AM- Alarm sounds for morning sports
6:03- Actually get out of bed
6:16- Morning Sports with the zone
7:00- Get in shower
7:23- Eat breakfast
8:00- Personal Study and learn the gospel things for the stuffing of spiritual body
9:00- Companion Study and practice teaching the gospel things
10:00-More companion study and learn how to be missionary
11:00-Lunch for the stuffing of physical body
12:00- Leave apartment and go knock on a butt-load of doors and talk to as many people as possible and knock on less active doors who don't want you there or pretend THEY are not there. Or we go to a member's house to try and pump them up about missionary work.
2:33- At some point use the restroom
5:00- Dinner
6:00- Go knock on a bunch more doors.
9:00pm- Come back and plan for the next day.
9:26- Get in pajamas and proceed to eat the entire kitchen.
9:57- Sing made-up songs with companion and/or fart.
9:58- Catchin some ZZZZzzzzzz's

Although that is a humourous depiction of our day--it is mainly true. 

We have been blessed though. We have some great investigators and so we normally squeeze in a lesson or two in there somewhere. It's tough though, tight schedule. 

I love my companion. She and I click so well and we just laugh and laugh and laugh. And dance and sing. And laugh. 


She really is doing GREAT! She loves people almost as much as I do, so we just talk to everyone. In fact, the other day, I was at a stoplight and she rolled down her window and yelled at a guy on his bike who was like 20 feet away. She was inviting him to our missionary musical concert. Sadly, he wasn't interested. Hah!

I love you guys!

You know what? 

The more I study the Restoration, the more and more and more it just MAKES SENSE!

Super cool.

Sister Andelin


Desert beauties

Poor missionaries can't afford bowls