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November 3: Quite a Week of Spiritual Rejuvenation


Boy, do I have some things to share with all yall! I actually wrote down what I wanted to reveal with you, so this week I actually have an agenda I should like to discuss.

I had an experience with a member who denies the God exists, but I was told that he does believe.
I said "So know it's easier to deny the existence of God than to think that He actually loves you." We taught him about the Atonement and that he isn't without the reach and forgiveness of it. 

It was really special. We are meeting with him again tonight.

We also have found 2 new investigators through pretty miraculous means. One of them is T. His wife is a recently returned member. We had the opportunity to have dinner with them (their very first time ever feeding missionaries in their 2 years of marriage!!!) and to teach him about the Restoration. He said if he came to knew that what we were teaching was true, he'd be baptized! Even though my companion and I were awkward in the lesson, the Lord magnified our call, and allowed the spirit to touch his heart and his wifes as we taught. 

Another new investigator, J., was found through LaTonia (another investigator). J. recently got out of jail, but during his imprisonment, he found God. He testified to us, that God hears and ANSWERS prayers. He said "Looking at you two, I know I can trust you. You are from God." And he wanted to meet with us the next day. Well we did go back the next day. And he asked us to come back an hour later because of something that came up. We went back an hour later and he said he forgot. We stood there and I tried really hard not to be frustrated. I explained that it wouldn't take long, only 15 minutes. Well three of his friends were calling to him and they were about to go take a smoke (of pot). He asked if we could give him 10 minutes so he could go smoke. He said he had been sober all day and needed to smoke. He was literally caught in the middle. 3 of his friends were on one side calling him over and the three of us on the other (we brought a member with us). It should have been a scene from a movie. Pretty epic and dramatic. He was standing in the middle looking at his friends and then us. My companion said "What do you think is more important? THAT or THIS?" He came back to us. And we taught him. It was a really profound experience that pertains to life. What is more important to us? Whose side are we on? How often are we caught in the crossfires of evil versus good. I want to always be on the Lord's side and never waver.

We finally had a chance to meet with two more of our investigators. We taught them about the Book of Mormon at the chapel. R. is having a hard time accepting anything else except for the Bible, but he is really searching for truth, and he has felt the spirit with us. Thankfully, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to "test it." 

This week we also had a wonderful zone conference. All about supporting our leaders and enduring to the end. Some funny highlights were when I ate lunch with the APs and the mission pres and his wife and President Ahlander said "Sister Andelin has always just done what she wants to do anyways." Yea... I'm pretty stubborn.

Also, when I went up to bear my departing testimony and I totally looked like a blubbering mess up there. And as I was crying I started laughing. Someone commented later that I look hysterical when I cry/laugh. Basically I called it my "Acceptance Speech" because I didn't think I'd make it that far. And I thanked God, Jesus, the Ahlanders, Elder Andelin, and all of my companions. I also said I had changed a lot...including gaining 10 pounds. Then I said "I can't believe I just said that...that's embarrassing." And everyone laughed. But I really haven't gained 10..more like 5. 

And then another elder gave his testimony and he said something SO AWKWARDLY FUNNY that I couldn't stop laughing. And it was supposed to be really serious. And then Sister Larsen started laughing. And then it became even more funny. And then he called us out from the pulpit. Poor kid, he waited 2 years to give that speech and I totally ruined it. I apologized to him later.

Some other things I learned

Repentance is SO real! Christ can heal us. He is the Healer. There were some things I really needed to change as a missionary and I applied the Atonement and let Christ heal me. Mmmmm. I love it.

On Halloween we had another specialized meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers and there was a portion where the President says some things about the trainers anonymously. Well at one point he said "And some trainees said they liked how their trainers were bold." And he looked directly at me and then said "Sister Andelin." Everyone laughed. And then Sister Reed said "Man! He said it was gonna be anonymous!" 

I love that man.

Testimony isn't as important as conversion.

It's not all about what you know , it's about what you do because of what you know.

That is true conversion.

Have a wonderful week!

I love you all!

Sister Andelin.

P.s. I recieved a blessing this week and in it, it said to rely on my mission friends for support and strength. And that I have so many people praying for me. It was really beautiful. I realized just how great my support system really is. So thank you. Thank you for anyone who has ever prayed for me. I have felt that. I have felt the strength and the faith that you have had for Jesus Christ in my behalf. And I'm so grateful!


Mama Ahlander and I

Chillin on the couch

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