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November 10: God is Gold

To help you understand that subject line, that me set you up with some backstory.

The other day, Sister Reed and I went out to lunch to a cute little Tawainese restaurant that we have been raving over for the past couple of weeks. We ate with a senior sister missionary who joined the church only 3 months ago! It was so neat to hear her conversion story.

On the way in, I noticed an artist outside with an ellaborate display of many paintings, which she was selling. After our delicious lunch, I felt prompted to speak with her. So we all went up and started conversin. 

The paintings were really beautiful, but all very pricey.

I said "I'm sorry. If I wasn't a poor missionary, I'd buy one!"

She looked at me and said "Oh no! You aren't a poor missionary. You've got God. And God is gold." 

I did a lot of reflecting on that statement.

And I realized how true that is-- it doesn't matter what else we have in the world-- as long as we have God (and Christ)-- we are wealthy. Spiritually speaking. 

We had an unbelievable week! We have literally been so blessed. I know that numbers don't matter, it is the names behind the numbers, but our numbers have pretty much almost quadrupled since we came in. (Sorry, that sounds really prideful) (I'm just really excited)

And we had some amazing miracles happen.

First off. Moe. The elders gave us a referral for a boy named Dayton. The problem is, it was the wrong address. We knocked on many doors trying to find this door in a sketchy apartment complex at night. Well we knock into Moe. He doesn't like us walking around the apartment complex at night by ourselves (we had a member with us) and he walks us to the different doors we go to. Come to find out, he's interested. 

We go back the next week and teach him lesson one. He LOVES it! He was so excited. He wants to be baptized. He said he has so much respect for the LDS religion. And he has a crazy story-- he used to be a sniper in the military. He retired and trained the SWAT team in Las Vegas. And then became a police officer. Well he was framed by a man and sent to prison for 19 months, until his case was reviewed and they realized they had the wrong man. Well, during that time, he lost his faith in God. But he is now restoring it.

He gave the best motivational speech, too! He said we were soldiers. On the front lines. And that it takes a special person to do what we do. So cutesy.

Ok. There is a DNC PMF in our ward who we were asked to go see. They haven't been very kindly to other ward members, so I was a bit nervous and ready for a good chew-out. Well, when the door opened, 2 of their neighbors, the Foster kids, were standing there. I was really confused, because I know the Foster kids-- we teach their family the active member lessons. So for a moment, I thought we had the wrong house. But nope, Sister C. came to the door. We invited her to a Christmas pageant thingy and she said "Oh my parents, the E., live in that stake-- the Redrock stake."

I said "No. Way. Is your brother Austin (name changed)?"


"AAAHH!! I love him and his family! They are the best! I served in their ward for 7 1/2 months!"

Immediately, we just connected with this family. And they let us in! We had a great conversation and were able to share a message about Jesus Christ, whom they don't believe in any more. 

I also felt very strongly to share briefly, my struggle with anxiety and depression. And how relying on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ has helped me to cope and deal with that challenge.

Well guess what?

She has depression and anxiety, too!

Crazy, huh?

The Lord puts us where we are needed most.

They are actually going to allow us to come back sometime this week!

Also-- we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator-- T. She is 9 years old. And I love this little girl with all my heart. She is such a special spirit. Her mom gave Sister Reed and I the best compliment ever. She said "Thank you both so much. My little sweetheart loves you two. And you two are going to be able to help us put our family back together. She is getting baptized sometime the beginning of December. :) But we just instantly clicked with this family. When we came for our lesson, Taylor and her little sister had decorated the house and had little notes that said "Welcome!" 

Being a missionary has its cons, but it DEFINITELY has its perks.

Also, we had an awesome dinner (At the same Thai place) with a YSA ward member. He brought his friend, V., to dinner. And we had an AMAZING dinner conversation with her! We taught her a little lesson and she definitely has an interest in learning more.

I love Sister Reed. She is such a cutie. She is a great last companion to have. She keeps me focused and in line. And makes sure I don't get too crazy. Haha.

So we have been up since 4:30 this morning. Some of us from our zone went hiking up a mountain. We got mostly to the top and then stopped and did our studies on the mountaintop. And we sang "High on the Mtn Top" Hahah. I have a video of it. I'll have to show yall later. (It isn't very beautiful....hahaha) It was so much fun. Coming back down was kinda scary though. I almost died a couple of times...nbd. I also ran into a cactus and Sister Reed couldn't find a band-aid, but she did have a...pad. HAHAH! Totally epic.

I love yall!

Thanks for your prayers. I feel them.

Thanks for your letters. I need them.

Thanks for your love. I love them.


Sister Andelin


These are my bros.

Studyin on the mountaintop

Pads have many useful functions

Letters from both the Gmas on the SAME DAY

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