Sunday, November 16, 2014

October 20: Dearest Family


So like I really am running out of things to say in these things.


Let me rack my brain. 

What did we do this week....

Some missionary work.

Some more missionary work.

And....oh yea...we did some missionary work.

We really have been working our bu--ttons off. 

There is nothing quite as exciting and fulfilling as a good, hard day's worth of work.

We have two new investigators. 

People here are pretty friendly. We've had a great reception by the ward and community. Our area is GINORMICA. We cover a WHOLE stake because we are YSA and then a family ward within the stake. So it is pretty fun. Lots of driving all over the place.

Sister Reed is an amazing greenie. She reminds me of myself. (Not that I'm saying that I was amazing....ok. That sounded bad) Her energy and determination reminds me of myself. Sometimes I have to check myself and realize that I need more faith. Haha. Workin' on it!

Oh. my. lanta. I just remembered a cool story. So we met with this less active chick and she is a body builder! (That was an essential detail that you needed to know. Trust me.) Ok so she is pretty legit. And she was telling us this insane story of how she was held hostage in a foreign country for a couple of years. I would LOVE to make a film out of her life. Pretty amazing stuff.

Ok but now to yall.

Congrats to little Fae Fae! She is such a cutie. ( I sent her a pic of Fae's missing tooth.)

And Jackson is the MAN!  (I sent her a pic of Craig and Jackson sitting side by side on the couch "watching" BYU football!  Ha!)

Love yall!

I know the gospel is true! With all my heart, mind, and soul.

Keep on pluggin', even when the pluggin' gets plugged.

Sister Andelin

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