Sunday, December 14, 2014

November 24: Good 'ay matey!

Things are going splendifical.

We had the opportunity to go to the temple this past week. I love the house of the Lord. It is such a peaceful reverie where you feel so close to Him. If your mind is foggy or hazy, it is like the sacredness of the temple lifts that from your mind and you are left with a clearer vision and added strength and energy to face whatever comes your way.

I don't think I ever shared with yall a special story that I shall now like to share. Our mission recently banned all forms of music except for MOTAB. So our options are MOTAB, MOTAB, MOTAB, AND listening to talks from the general authorities. SO a couple of weeks ago, we were listening strictly to talks from my man, Elder Holland.

His most recent talk that he gave this past general conference, "Are we not all beggars?" was on the CD. It really penetrated my heart and inspired me. Later that evening, a member took us out to Cafe Rio. Afterwards, a man approached me asking for money. Rarely, do I ever give money to people on the street. But my mind went back to that talk I had JUST listened to hours previously. I debated within myself, especially because as missionaries we are not supposed to give money out. I told him "I'm sorry, but I don't think I even have any money." But I felt the spirit prodding me to give him money. I looked through my bag and found a $5 bill. I gave it to him. We talked for a couple of minutes and I had the opportunity to share a couple of gospel truths with him. He said he would be willing to listen more and I got his information. 

That experience really bugged me for a couple of hours later. Sister Reed thought he was a panhandler, but I wasn't sure. Especially because I felt so strongly to give him money. We tried calling his number, but it was a bad number. Then we went to the address that he gave us. 

Well on our way to his door, a man named Eric, approached us. He said--

"Hey are you guys Jehovah Witnesses?!"

Perfect opportunity. 

We explained who we were and taught him outside on the street.

He seemed genuinely intrigued. And he replied "Cool. Do you have a book or something I could read?"

Do we have a Book? Do we HAVE A BOOK?

Why yes, sir, we have a book. Let us give you one.

(Those were just the thoughts going through my mind. Don't worry, I handled it a little more tactfully than that)

Anyways. That is Eric.

We have been teaching Eric now for about 3 weeks. He loves it. He grew up Jehovah Witness but was never baptized, because of some questions and concerns he had. He has been listening to the BoM online now and in the time span of about 2 days, he is now in 2nd Nephi. (He is waiting for his new glasses to come in and so he can't really read right now, that's why he is listening.) We are meeting with him again tonight. He is going to FHE with us. And then we are going to have a lesson with him afterwards.

Well Eric has a cousin. His name is Dewayne. Dewayne found out that Eric has been studying with "the Mormons" and asked us to contact him. He has always been interested in learning about the Mormons. 

Dewayne came to church yesterday for the first time.

He was pleasantly surprised.

All of this came to be because of a $5 bill.

Are we not all beggars?

In reality we all are beggars. There are physical needs to be met in the world. And oftentimes, you can see those that are struggling. But more important than physical, are the spiritual beggars. There is a spiritual famine happening. And everyone is affected. Everyone. We all have a spiritual hunger that has to be satisfied. And the only way-- is through Jesus Christ. He is the Bread of Life.

Love yall!

I love this area. I love my comp. I love my wards. I love the work. I love Him.

Sister Andelin 

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