Monday, October 28, 2013

October 21

The baby cheetahs are SO CUTE!!!!!!! I want to hold them.

And the ropes course is awesome! So much will be different when I go home.

 There are already members/converts who liked the facebook page and they're pretty good about keeping me updated on all the latest news. Like I already saw the pic of the otter babies, because last night at dinner a member pulled it up for me.

Hello family, friends, and loved ones.

After my panic attack last week, all is well.

I'll have to detail that in another letter. I am writing an actual letter that I should like to finish today and send soon.
The baptism went so well. We had over 50 people there to support them and welcome them. The spirit was so strong. Our pianist is 8 1/2 months pregnant and half way through the baptism, she thought she was going into labor. So guess who had to step in and play? Yup, that's right. Yours truly. I trudged through it ok. Plus, I was grateful because Mikey Diaz (he is 4 years old) had come up to the piano and was banging on it, so his wrong notes masked my wrong notes.

Brother Hermansen,the member who gave us the referall for them, was the guy who baptized and confirmed them. He is on the far left in the picture.

All in all the baptism was a really spiritual experience. After they were baptized, they had a chance to bear their testimonies and they did beautifully. Sister Diaz started crying and I couldn't help but cry, too. President and Sister Ahlander came as well and President welcomed them and bore his testimony after theirs.

The confirmation on Sunday went beautifully as well. During Aliss's confirmation, the spirit was so strong and the whole time I kept feeling Heavenly Father telling me how lucky I am that I got to work with such a special spirit of his. And that she is going to do great things for the church. In fact, at the end of relief society, a complete stranger came up to Aliss and said

"Hi, you don't know me and I don't know you. I'm just visiting from Canada. We probably won't ever see each other again, but I heard your blessing in Sacrament meeting and I felt really impressed and prompted to come tell you that you are a really strong saint and will do incredible things for the church. Congratulations and welcome."
It was just a really awesome experience.

I love the Diaz's. They have a really special place in my heart and they always will.

I love you all.

No need to worry about me. Everything is going well.

I have an awesome mission president and awesome missionaries (plus companion) and awesome ward members and awesome investigators who support and love and help me. Plus, I have an awesome Savior who knows me and knows how to help me.
Sister Andelin.

Elder Andelin and I at a special Gladys Knight fireside meeting. (Did I tell you that she is performing here? It's been over 7 years since she has performed here in Vegas) We got photobombed by some elders

The flowers I got from Mommy. Thank you <3

A member dropped us off dinner one night..a 20 in sub..yumm

The Diaz's baptism <3

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