Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28: Hello

Where to begin. Where to begin.

I feel like every pday, my mind goes in a craze because all week long, I've been thinking of monumental or funny things to write and then I sit down at the library and my mind goes blank.

Now I remember a funny story.

We were at dinner at a member's lovely home. I was sharing the spiritual message and I was relating how God has promised us that the "field is white, already to harvest." And that we are no longer using a scythe (spelling?) rather now we are using "concubines."

Yes. I called a combine a concubine.

I'm a spirit killer. They just burst out laughing. There was no hope for redemption from that one.
Anyways. Geesh. So I told you that I was invited to attend a leadership conference with Brother Donaldson. It was truly an incredible meeting. I learned so much. Missionary work is really changing.

He held up a mini ipad and said "Do you guys want this?"
We all got excited.

He said "Too bad. You're not getting them until the beginning of next year sometime."
But he went on to explain what we would be able to do with the ipads. Everything will be on it. Our area book, the lessons, scriptures, GPS, our planner. In fact, if an appointment falls through, your planner will tell you what the most next effective thing you could be doing at that time would be.
We will be using skype and teaching people from all over the world.
He said that it is not a matter of "when" the Lord will hasten His work. He said, that time is now. It is being hastened.

And it is through technology that a lot of that will happen. He said that is how we will be able to teach people where missionaries aren't allowed to enter.

He also shared with us that when the idea for missionaries to use technology was presented to the Quorum of the Twelve, someone asked "Well is there something wrong with it?" After "no" was established, Elder L. Tom Perry jumped up and said he was for it. Elder Russell M. Nelson seconded it. Elder Boyd K. Packer (who is the most senior of the Quorum) said "Well my next two senior apostles are for it, so I guess I'm for it, too!"
That was the 4th item in the past 20 years to pass on a unanimous vote.

Elder L. Tom Perry also said that the recent world-wide mission broadcast of "Hastening the Work" is a significant event ranking up there with the First Vision and the Restoration.

Crazy. I got the chills when I heard that.

Ok. I've thought of a couple more things to share.
I think I'm going to be getting transfered. :( I have a sinking feeling in my gut. BUT alas, I'm ready to move on. I think it'll be good for me and I can continue to learn and grow.

The vitamins you sent me Mumma smell so disgusting. But I think they're actually helping me. I'm conducting an experiment on myself, so it'll probably be a couple more weeks before I can come with a valid conclusion. Also, kinda crazy, but I feel inspired to try a gluten-free diet. So at least for breakfast and lunch, I'm going to eat gluten-free. I think I'm particularly more affected than most people, by what I eat.

We did service this week. It was so fun. We had a sleep-over at the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) house and then went over in the morning to clean up one of their investigator's yards. We had a pathetic meager collection of various yard tools to begin with. Then came two elders and one of their members. He is a landscaper. And he brought a truck full of toys. It was so fun.


For Trunk-or-Treat, Sister Thornock and I are dressing up as lovely angels. We might even decorate our bikes and hand out candy to the little kids. (We don't have a car, so we improvise.)

Some things I'm learning-

I'm learning that God is in control. He knows what is best for us.

We shouldn't judge others. We never know their circumstances.

You can learn to get along with anyone with the help of God.

A concubine is not the same thing as a combine.

Learn to keep a big (eternal) perspective.

I think that pretty much covers it.

I love you all.
Keep on praying for me, I need it.
Sister Andelin

Sister Rasmussen and I working really hard

I've got the big guns

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