Monday, November 18, 2013

November 4

Guess what?!?

Did you guess??

Make a guess!!!!!


You're probably wrong.

I'm staying with the lovely Sister Thornock in Southern Highlands.

We are getting another companion and a car back!


Yes. I'm going to be in a trio. I'm pretty stoked actually. My new companion's name is Sister Tuia and she came out with me. She is from Hawaii and is Saomoan. She's pretty legit. Basically, it's going to be a party. All the time.

Ok. I have some fun stories for y'all.

This week, a lady in our ward was cleaning her closet and she gave Sis. T and I over 20+ skirts (very cute, mind you) for us to have!!! So I've been having so much fun with my new wardrobe. There were even 2 skirts that were
identical and so Sis. T thought it'd be funny to wear it the same day. (I have a pic of it for ya)

We also had our ward's Trunk-or-Treat, so we dressed up as angels and we decorated my bike and handed out candy to the little kids. They loved it.

We also had some interesting experiences at people's doors. We had a guy take pictures of us and threaten to press charges for trespassing and then slammed the door in our face. I was so excited! I have been wanting a door to be literally slammed in my face! (We set ourselves up for that one...he was on the ward list as a Do Not Contact, 4x, but I thought maybe he'd act differently with sister missionaries. He didn't.) We also got cussed at, too! And at one guy's door he said "I wouldn't come any closer if I were you." (I thought he was gonna pull out a gun) "We're all extremely sick in this house."

But we did have a cool experience. I saw a guy working on his car in his garage, so I'm like "Let's go talk to him."

We do. He is nice, but not interested.

We leave and go to next house. Sister T says "Man. I really felt like I was supposed to give him a Book of Mormon."

Me- "Really?"

Her- "Yea... this is why the spirit stops talking to me! It's because I don't listen!"

Me- "Well, let's go back. Show the spirit you'll act when you hear him."

So we go back. It was kind of awkward, but I tried to curb the awkward. I said "Hello! We're back!"
And then my companion took over and gave him a Book of Mormon. He actually seemed pretty interested after that. It was just a cool experience.

The Diaz's are doing well! Brother Diaz is going to be ordained to the Aaronic priesthood this upcoming Sunday and Sister Diaz is getting her first calling to work in the relief society. They are just so cute. I stinkin' love them. When we went over this week, Sister Diaz admitted to me that she had started to pull away from us because she thought I'd be leaving this next transfer and she didn't want it to be too hard for her to say good-bye.

We are experiencing a little bit of a drought over here. A couple of our investigators have dropped us which I'm pretty bummed about.

Wait. I can't remember. Did I tell you about Janice K? The K family is a less active, part member family that the ward/missionaries has been trying to work with for years . We've been teaching the wife since I first got here. She told us she wants to be baptized. She said she wasn't sure when though. So we all left that meeting with the intention of praying about when God wanted her to be baptized. We all came back and felt like December was the right time. We were so excited when we set the date. A couple days later she called us and told that she told her husband about her upcoming baptism. He was shocked and didn't realize that she was so serious about it.

He told her to give him an extra month--so he could read the Book of Mormon with her and so he could get his act together and start coming to church. We're hoping his intention is to be worthy to be able to baptize her. Initially, I was kind of confused why God would tell us she needed to be baptized in December, but then it got pushed back to the beginning of January. But then I realized, that we needed to set the date then, so that it would give her husband a wake-up call and a kick-in-the-butt as I wish to call it. We're really excited for her though. It's so fun to see someone's testimony grow and their lives change, and participate in that process.


I love it here. I love it here. I love it here.

I love God. I love how good He is. I love how I get to help Him in His glorious work. I love how hard missionary
work is, too! It is too good.

I love you all!
Sister Andelin

This was last PDAY. We hiked this mountain and an elder brought his car shield thing. Then we all had to do some Superman poses.

This was all of us on top of the mountain doing some yoga

My lovely sisters

The angels handin out the goods

Total photo-bombed picture. Way to ruin the illusion, Elder Parker.

Companion twinsies
 At our ward Trunk-or-Treat, we had a chili, cornbread, and cobbler cook-off. We were the lucky people picked to judge the chili, so we had to try over 15 chilis and pick ONE winner.
My stomach was not very happy with me after that.

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