Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18: Obedience


Obedience, obedience, obedience.

This is pretty much the most stressed word on a mission. And mind you, I'm pretty obedient. At least I try to be. Am I perfectly, exactly obedient? No. But I'm trying to be obedient.

We got to go to the wonderful temple this past week. It was such an exciting and awesome experience.  So we have to cross over to the Dark Side to get to the temple (the the other mission). Anyways on our way back, we were deciding where we should eat lunch. We all thought it'd be fun to eat on the Dark Side, especially because we were already there. So we decide on Zupas. However, I had a feeling that we should not and we should cross back over and eat on our side.

"BUT WE ARE ALREADY ON THE OTHER SIDE," says the devil on my shoulder.

"Yes, but we should go back to the light," says the angel on the other shoulder.

These two kept arguing on either side of me and wouldn't shush up.

The devil won out.


I decided Zupas wasn't worth it and we crossed back over and ate at Raising Cane's. I felt a little embarrassed, to be honest, because my companions seemed disappointed in my choice. We enter Cane's and I order some good ol' fa(s)t food. I join my companions at a booth, where they have been talking to this man in the booth next to them. I sit down. He starts talking to me. He is a doctor visiting in town at the local hospital to teach a seminar thingy, his colleagues encouraged him to try Cane's for lunch, because he had never tasted that heaven before.

He finds out we're missionaries and I get the chance to talk to him for a little bit and give him a Book of Mormon and pass along card. He agrees to read it and is excited. But we caught him in a short window of time. I wouldn't have met him if I went to Zupas.

There are miracles for exact obedience.

OK. Next story.

We are going to go check up on one of our investigator families. On our way, we run into Jose. (Name changed, not ethnicity). We have an hour long conversation with Jose outside his garage. He is lost- spiritually. His soul is searching. He opens up and says he has just been recently released from prison (he had been there for 25 years for attempted murder and burglary, etc). It was a really cool conversation. But I ask him

"Jose. Have you been drinking tonight?"

"Yes. I'm not gonna lie, I have been, and I am actually about to go to the bar."

I could tell he was drunk. Not super drunk, because he was still somewhat coherent. But at this point we have given him a Book of Mormon. He is asking all these questions to us and I say

"Jose, you're holding the answer in your hands."

We testify of the Book of Mormon.

I felt prompted to say "I promise you that if you read that book tonight, instead of going to the bar, God will tell you that it's true tonight."

 We try to set up a time to see him. He is getting wimpy on us and says

"I want to change, but I can't."

I say
"Yes you can. Meet with us and we can help you. How about 7 pm tomorrow evening?"

"Aww man. I don't know." He says.
My companions join in about how he needs to commit, etc etc.

"7 pm tomorrow. We'll be here." I say.

"Dang you." (He uses the impolite version at me) He then proceeds to agree with it.

We leave him with a word of prayer and asks me to say it. As I'm praying, he starts sobbing.

He says something about making a grown man cry and says "You're the strong one" out of this group to me.

On our way out, I said
"Jose--- read the book, not the bar."

It was such an interesting experience. I was kind of worried he wouldn't remember anything we had said when he sobered up, but when we talked to him on the phone, he did. And he said that we had left an impression on him and he wants to learn more. I'm excited to start teaching him.

This past week, I've been feeling sick-- some throwing up, sore throat, headaches. All the nasties. So I asked some elders to come over and give me a blessing.

In the blessing, I was told not to worry about my family back home, that all would be well with them. :)
Also, to be patient, and that God has a plan for me.

I've still been struggling with anxiety, but I know that God is there for me and will help me along the way. I also know that part of it, is Satan working on me. I've felt strengthened and buoyed up through all of it and I'm just trusting in God and putting my faith in Him.

I love you!
Sister Andelin

Watching the cheetah cubs on the big screen

 I am holding a stinking TARANTULA!

The beautiful Las Vegas Temple

Studying outside

The coolest trio ever

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