Wednesday, January 1, 2014

November 25: Rain, rain, go away... and never come back ever again

From the subject of this letter, you have probably assumed (and if so, you'd be right) that we had rain here in Vegas.

It was kind of odd. It rained for 3 days straight.

Actually, contrary to the subject line, I did indeed enjoy the rain. It was something different.

But no one actually warned me that Vegas does indeed get cold. I have not been very prepared for the cold weather and have been freezing, especially at night. I need to go shopping and get some warm gear.

We've had a pretty interesting week here.

I have learned how to "speak in tongues." Let me explain...we went to our teenage investigator's house and she was skyping her boyfriend. All of a sudden, from the voice beyond (on the computer) we hear "bla-ble-da-bla-bla-blu." We just stand there and pretend like that didn't just happen. To our surprise, she responds back with "ble-bla-blum-de-ba-bu" At that point we have to acknowledge that there is a made-up language going on and take that as our que to leave. We set up a return appointment and then go. We have enjoyed "speaking in tongues" since then. Hahaha. Ble-bla-du-da-de-ba.

We also taught a lady, whose house smelled like weed. We believe it was her 17 year old son who was smoking it, upstairs. I did not know that smell before my mission. Kind of ironic, that I'm learning what it is, on the mission. So hopefully, it did not infiltrate my lungs too much.

Also, we got a referral from a ward member. So we went to her house--turns out she is an ex-Mormon! She was a really nice lady, but she was basically telling us we were going to go to Hell. And that the Bible is 100% accurate and there are no flaws in it. And that the Book of Mormon and the Bible can't go together. And that we believe in a different Christ. I was starting to get frustrated, but I knew I couldn't bash. So we just stood there and listened.

And then I bore my testimony to her and said

"I believe in the Bible as well. I believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible, can go together. And that the Book of Mormon better helps us understand the Bible. I believe in Christ- the same Christ as you. Look at my name-tag- It has Christ's name on it. He is our only hope for salvation." She then went on about some other skewed things.

My companions bore their testimonies and then we thanked her for her time and left. It was just an interesting experience. As we were standing on her doorstep, I was actually overcome with love for her. And sorrow. My heart hurt for her. She has denied the truth. Now twice.

We were at the mission office earlier today. I got to see President Ahlander's office. It was so cool. He gave us some candy as well. Then he proceeded to show us the transfers board and explain how he coordinates it through inspiration. I love that guy. He told us that this mission is getting 17 new sisters next year and 4 of them are Spanish speaking! I told him that I'd love to go Spanish speaking, and he told me to "study up!" So I'm hoping that he'll randomly assign me to be Spanish speaking :)

I love this gospel. I love the simplicity. I love our Savior. I love the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The scriptures are so delicious--I could study all day!

Love ya.

Sister Andelin

We made S'mores at the Diaz's for dessert

We helped one of our investigators put up and decorate her Christmas tree

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