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December 16: Two is Better than One


From the sounds of the latest email, I do not believe you have gotten my latest hand-written letter. I sent home a Christmas card that my companions and I put together :) And in the note, I explained that I wouldn't need the boots/coat anymore. Oh well.

I did get the CD from ya Mumma! Thank you!! The funny thing is, it is a Sing-a-long, which means there are no lyrics...but it is nice instrumentals :)

There is so much to tell to yall today!!!

Well let me explain why I didn't need the jacket/boots anymore. We were at a members' house the other night and we were freezing. She was asking us if we had warmer clothes and we explained that we didn't. We returned back to our house for daily planning, when all of a sudden we hear a knock at our door at 9:15 at night. Imagine our surprise and gratitude, when we open the door to see that same member with an armful of jackets, hats, and scarves to give us. She said she went through her closet and found those items and if we wanted them and they fit, we could keep them. The next day she brought over more, including boots, from her mother's closet. It was the sweetest thing. My heart swelled in gratitude. The members here are so incredible. They would literally give you the clothes off their backs if you needed it. I love them.

Which brings me to my next point. I'm leaving.

Right before Christmas! I'm sad because I have grown so close to the people here in Southern Highlands. And we had Christmas Eve and Christmas plans :/

The trio is getting split up and Sister Thornock and Sister Tuia are both staying. They have been so much fun to work with. We've shared many laughs. Ok. I've got to tell you a funny story that happened this past week. So, we have been working with this lady J. She is...unique. I love her, don't get me wrong. But she is different. Whenever we leave, we always say a prayer(s) with her. But she likes to do "rolling prayers" where everyone gets to pray one after the other. Well this particular day, she was feeling very talkative and she prayed for literally 13 minutes straight. (I timed her) At about the half-way mark, Sister Tuia FALLS ASLEEP AND STARTS SNORING! Sister Thornock hits her, to wake her up...and then it takes all that is in us, to not bust out laughing. I think

I probably burst some veins, trying to contain myself. 

Well it hasn't hit me completely yet.  Sister Tuia described leaving your first area is like leaving home for the mission. It really is true. Because I love everyone here so much. It was really sad too, because at church yesterday, a guy we've been teaching found out I was leaving and he started crying. He literally got up out of his chair and left the room. Later, he gave me this little pendant that is dear to him. It broke my heart.

Also my dear sweet Diaz family fed me my last supper. I had the sinking feeling I was leaving this whole transfer, so I made sure to save the last meal on the dinner calendar for them. Bro. Diaz had a work party in California where they were giving away giant gifts and money, but he and the family skipped so they could be there for dinner with me. He said "Why should I worry about getting fed monetarily, when I could be fed spiritually by you sisters??" They are so cool. They even bought a Christmas tree that they wanted us to help decorate. Gah. I'm going to miss them. And Sister Diaz gave me this beautiful ruby ring that she said she has had since she was 20 years old. So I was thinking I would wear the rest of my mission and then one day, if my daughter wants to serve a mission, I could pass it down to her :)

I'm getting double transferred to the Vegas Stake. My new companion will be the lovely Sister Larsen. I don't know a whole lot about her, but we've talked a few times and she is super cute and cool. But because we are getting double transferred we won't know anyone...we'll just be poor little lonely missionaries on Christmas. Haha.
I'm not too worried about it. We are going to be living with a member in her house, so that'll be fun.

I've been packing all this morning and I've accumulated so much rubbish! I have gotten rid of a lot of things, but I still have a TON. A ward member gave me one of their old suitcases. So I now have 3 suitcases. And also some boxes of STUFF. I'm probably going to be mailing some STUFF home to yall soon.

But the crazy thing is, guess who is going to be in my zone?
Elder Hyrum Andelin.

Guess who is going to be my new district leader?
Elder Hyrum Andelin

Guess whose old ward I'm taking over?
Elder Hyrum Andelin

Guess why the sky is blue?

I have no idea.

I'm super duper luper excited to be around him ALL the time. I'm going to bug him ALL day long.

Also, that is why the subject line is what it is---- because "two [Andelins are] better than one."

Well it is bittersweet.

I am ready to move on though and have new experiences. It'll all be good.

And yes, we can Skype or facetime on Christmas day. The calls are supposed to only be 30-45 minutes. I'm not sure what time to call. When would be best for yall? Are yall three hours ahead of me? Maybe I'll call like around 12 or 1 my time?

That is so sweet of Sister Paul to have emailed you. We stopped by her house last night. And we shared our Christmas message and I got all chocked up during it. And then I was crying as I was hugging her and told her that she was my mission mom. She has taken really good care of me here. I'm really gonna miss her a lot. On a happier note, she has a really cool collection of nativity sets from around the world! She has like 50+ nativities! So cool!

Well I love yall.

See ya next week!!!!!

<3 Sister Andelin

These are the glamour shots we had done :)

Mother and daughter love

Christmas "mice" I ate :)

The beautiful ring

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