Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 30: See ya next year!! 2014


Hey Hey Hey!

Ok, before I begin this lovely letter, I realize I must start with an expression of my gratitude! I do not believe I even thanked yall for the Christmas presents/love I received. I truly do appreciate everything everyone gave me. It means a whole hecka lot. I had a great Christmas.

Also, random cool side note. I was doing a little bit of some genealogical research this past week, and I never realized..but the namesake "Farley" can be traced back all the way to the 1500s! It probably even goes further, but we don't have the records for it yet. Isn't that incredible! So Justin, you need to pass "Farley" on to one of your son's or else you'll our ancestors will haunt you forever. Just kidding about that last part. But seriously, isn't that fascinating?!

An update on my new area. Things are still going great here. We've tried a new experiment, that we like to call "making appointments with God." Justin actually inspired me with this idea. I remember him talking about it one time. But basically, we pick a street in our area, after we pick the street, we decide a specific time that we will be on that street. Then we pray and ask God to bless us with someone ready to receive the restored gospel on that street at that time.

And let me tell you, we have had miraculous experiences doing so. We've only tried it twice, but each time, people have been placed in our path. It is incredible. One of the days, we were walking down the street and saw a mailman parked on the side of the specific road we prayed about. After not having talked to anyone yet, we determined he must be the one. From friendly conversation, we determined it was God, because he told us that is was odd that he stopped on that particular street at that time, when we were passing by. However, he told us he was not interested in learning more and refused a Book of Mormon and even a card. A little discouraged, we walked on. 

However, as we turned the corner, we saw a man sitting outside with 4 little kids running around him. We said "Hello!" from across the street and went up to talk to him. He recognized that we were some sort of religious people and he broke down in tears. He said that he was going through a nasty divorce and struggling with alcoholism and needed to find God. Surprised at his reaction, we sat down with him on the side of the road and listened to his struggles. We set up a time to meet with him. Only minutes later, a lady walked out of her house and greeted us. Telling us that she was baptized a couple of years ago but had fallen away. She welcomed us to visit her the next week.

It was just so incredible! Then we turn the next street corner and walk by two guys. We greet them and come to find out, one of them is a member from another stake helping his buddy out. We have a lovely conversation and then the buddy's wife comes out. We meet her. She is Jewish- from Israel. And she invites us in to feed us a late lunch and talk to her about our religion. We will be going back to visit all these people sometime this next week. GAHHHHHHHHH. So cool. Love it.

We have been enjoying walking around a lot more as well. And talking to everyone. Very cool.
I've had some very neat experiences this past week and feel truly blessed. My testimony has been strengthened and I know that God is real.

Sister Andelin

P.S. That is so cool about the cheetah cubs!

Service--in the fridge


Me n' my homie-Santa
 **Also, here are some old pictures Melissa just sent us. This is from her old area. **

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