Monday, February 24, 2014

January 6, 2014: I go home this year

Hello. Hello. Hello.
I had an awesome week this week.
I am literally in love with my area. It might be unhealthy.
Awww. I'm so excited to have a new cousin--Jonah. I love that name. He is so precious. I love babies. I love how pure and innocent they are. And to think that they are fresh sent from Heaven. That is something I miss desperately on my mission. I miss holding and snuggling with babies. It is seriously one of the hardest things ever. I can't wait to have my own some day.
Ok. Back to focus.
I've been out officially for over 6months! Which means I come home this year! Super weird to think about. I'm starting to get to that point in your mission where the actual days start flying by. We had a celebration of mission milestones with some missionaries. I didn't bring anything to burn, but a kindly elder let me have one of his old shirts to burn in the pit of fire. That was exciting. Pretty funny video--one day you shall get it.
Things I've done so far in 2014.
Sister Larsen and I have lots of fun together. She puts up with a lot of stuff I do to her. Like one night, we didn't have dinner with anyone so we ate by ourselves at home and we were eating some whipped cream. So I took some and threw it at her. It proceeded to get out of hand and we ran all through the house throwing whipped cream at each other. Did I already tell you this? I can't remember... Well then this week I threw water on her and that of course turned into a full-blown water war. I just like to spice things up every now and again. But she's a trooper. She puts up with my crazy and runs with it.
So remember the story from last week about finding C. Well C's story still continues. Something I've been learning recently, is how God truly is in all the intricate details of our lives. Especially with missionary work. So often, we find people at just the right time, right as they needed us. It is very cool. Well that happened this week with C again. We had a modified lesson with him on his porch this past week. He is struggling with an alcohol addiction and going through a nasty divorce. Well the lesson goes well, we invite him to church and to meet with us again the next week. Well a couple days later, we were going out trying to contact some referrals, we pull the car to the side and see C out walking with his some of his neighbors and his youngest daughter. We get out and wave. He says "What are you doing here?"
"Just visitin some people. What are you doing here?"
"Just going on a walk with my daughter."
I look over and see a cigarette and beer in his hand.
So I say "What is that in your hand?"
"A beer"
"How long have you been clean for?
"2 weeks."
"Hand it over." I hold out my hand for him to give me the beer.
"C'mon. Just one beer."
My companion says "What kind of example are you setting for your daughter?"
Then I say "One beer will lead to another and then another." I hold out my hand again.
He says "C'mon. Just one sip."
Surprisingly, he handed over the beer to me. We are standing in the middle of the street and I pour the beer down the gutter thingy.
He shakes his head and walks away. He catches up to his neighbor and daughter and we hear him say "They just dumped my beer down the street!" Then he yells to us "You owe me a large one!"
We yell back "Eh. No."
But out of the love of our hearts, we went to the store and bought him a large....bottle of Fanta soda. Lol.
It was just crazy the exact timing we had. He literally hadn't taken a sip yet, but was right about to.
I love missionary work. And beer dumping.
I felt kind of odd with a beer can in my hand as a missionary....haha
I love you all!
Sister Andelin

After our water war

Cleaning up the floor and our...faces?

C's beer dumping

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