Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24: Weirdest Week of my Mission

Good morning. Afternoon. Evening.

I just had to cover all of my bases.

Ok. This week is going to be a good letter writing week, mind you.

Alright to start out this letter, let me share with you some experiences that I've experienced the last week. Some of them are funny. Some of them are weird. And some are down right hilarious. Ok, not really. And then some are them are miraculous.

On Monday, we had a bi-zone activity and we were playing volleyball. I went up to hit the ball and an elder was as well. And then in the mix-up, he ended up sitting on me. Wierd and funny.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a new investigator, J. And before the lesson even started, we commited her to a baptismal date. Really cool. Well on our way out of the lesson, we see our car, which had been attacked by other missionaries--Spanish missionaries-- who thought we were "poaching" (teaching spanish people) them, so they left a bunch of random flyers and notes all over our car. Funny and weird.

Wednesday. Zone conference. Got to see lots of friends. And learn more about the new style of teaching they want us to do-- Donaldson style. Basically in and out in 30 minutes. Use pamphlets for teaching..etc etc

Now Thursday. Weirdest day yet. In the morning, I was speculating about what I would do if I were to be pulled over by the cops as a missionary. We were joking about how we should practice that in District Meeting or Zone Training. I determined then, that I'd give them a BoM. Keep this in mind. Later, we had our weekly planning to do. We decided to do it at the church building and outside, because it was so nice. Well a landscaping crew came and started to landscape the church. I had a feeling to go talk to them and ask if they've ever been in the buidling. We approached them, and they barely spoke English. But one of them wanted to come with us around the building. Well I tried my spanish and he barely understood. But the bishop's wife "just happened" to be in the building, helping set up, and she speaks spanish. So she was able to help translate. Miracle. Then we realized we had to do another exchange that day. So we did exchanges. Then that night, we were driving on the highway, talking about miracles. Well, I look in the rear-view mirror and see the worst combination of colors there is---red, white, and blue. (Unless it is a flag, then it's ok) So I get pulled over. Long story short. No ticket. I just didn't have my lights on.......yes I'm retarded. Well so I already determined earlier in the day to give him a BoM. So I ask him

"Hey have you ever heard of the Bom?"


"Oh. Well have you read it?"


"Well would you like a copy?" (I start handing him a copy)


"I can promise, if you read that book and ask God if it's true, He'll tell you it is."



Then I come back that night to our apartment and Sis Larsen and Field had an even crazier night. A less active we are working with was super upset and drugged. Her ex-husband was just found guilty of MURDER!!!!!!!!!


So then the next morning, we get a phone call from the elders we share a ward with. They told us about another LA/PMF family they are working with that is also crazy. And they called the cops on then they freaked out on the missionaries. And they were telling us to be careful, because that family lives like 100 feet away from us.

So then the next day, we have a weird experience with a neighbor. Here it is in Sis L's words.

Saturday: We helped at an open house in the morning for another zone who had a new church building just built. And then later that day our neighbor knocks on our door. He's in his 30's and isn't all there in his head. But he came and asked if we had $2 he could have, and then he'd pay us back. We didn't have any cash so instead we told him about a musical fireside Sunday night that he should go to. So now fast-forward to later that night. Sister Andelin and I went out to the car and were about to drive away when we realized we left something in the house. So instead of parking and everything we called the other sisters to bring this thing out to us. Well, the neighbor D was sitting outside on his little porch. And so while we are waiting we are taking some selfy pictures and we notice that he is walking towards our car. We keep doing what we're doing and then we notice that he is starting to dance, and then he proceeds to start taking off his shirt. He's not the smallest person in the world so Sister Andelin and I are covering our eyes in the car and we're like what the crap is he doing?! He takes his shirt completely off and starts wrapping it around his head and doing a belly roll type of thing. It was very disturbing!  Right then the other sisters start walking out and so he turns around, puts his shirt back on, and then walks away. We nick named him Jubbalubba! Haha.

And then to top it all off, we talked in Sacrament meeting about member missionary work. We show up and then they tell us that a general authority is going to be there. No pressure, right!?!!? Elder Stoddard of the 70 was there.

The talk went well. A lady in my ward told me I should consider being an attorney when I get back. Haha. And another man came up to me afterwards and said that he loved my talk and is gonig to try and summarize it as best as he can, so he can send it to his niece who is serving in Italy right now. It was so sweet.

But the gist of it was about how missionary work is miraculous. And we get to participate in it. But being an example is not enough. We have to INVITE.

And I said "Brothers and sisters, there are people in this audience who are here because a friend or loved one invited them to be here....And brothers and sisters..there are people who are SUPPOSED to be in this audience." 


I can't think anymore.

Life is good.

Missionary work is miraculous. I know that if we exercise faith, miracles will happen. And we can assist God in this great and marvelous work!!!

Sister Andelin

With some Spanams friends

Mama Dewey and I at zone conference.

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