Monday, February 24, 2014

January 13: Wow

I have had quite the week this week.

We have a new investigator- V. She was a referall. Crazy story behind her-- so I used to live in the Nelson's home in my last area. They rent out their home to missionaries, while they live in Ohio. Well my second Sunday in my second area, I see them at church. I'm excited to see them, but also kind of confused because they live in Ohio. Well turns out, the other place they own for missionaries is in Palmhurst ward. Of course! So Bro. Nelson tells me about V who used to be good friends with his mother before his mother passed away. It was perfect timing though for V in her life. She has been a devout Catholic all of her life, but about 6 months ago, she has started questioning the validity and truth of what she is hearing at church, so she stopped going. She has always had a lot of faith in God and wants to follow Him, but has been confused lately. She also has a keen interest in geneology.

I got to go to my first area this past week!!! Janice got baptized, so I got permission to go back for the baptism. It was so fun to see everyone else who was there as well. I stinkin' miss that ward. It was so good to see everyone.

We had a little girl get baptized in our ward this past week, who the elders have been teaching. I did a musical duet with an elder in my district, while another elder played the piano. We sang "I Know that Our Redeemer Lives". I felt kind of bad, because those two elders are incredibly musically talented, so I kind of brought down the musical caliber- ha. Oh well. It still sounded pretty pretty.

I love having Elder Andelin in my district. Weeeee. We have a lot of fun. And it is such a comfort to have him. I LOVE HIM. He is a cool kid and an incredible missionary.

I was super sick earlier this week, but I'm coming out of it. Stomach issues. Luckily, I we didn't have to cancel any appointments or stop working. I just pushed through it. But we did have some long appointments with the bathroom. Haha

Things are going really well here. The work is really picking up. We have been incredibly blessed.



I love you all.

Keep praying for me.


Sister Andelin

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