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December 2: Thanksgiving

This week has been a very good week.

It was kind of odd to not be at home for Thanksgiving, but I guess it isn't my first away from home.

On Thanksgiving Eve, I had exchanges with Sister Rasmussen. Her area is super different from mine, but I loved it. We had the opportunity to meet a part member family who lived in humble circumstances- a mobile home. And I had the  distinct honor of meeting my little friend- Christian. He is a 6 year old who was badly burned in an apartment fire when he was only months old. He has scarring all on his head and arms from multiple surgeries, where they had to graft his skin. And he will continue to have surgeries until he is done growing. They were explaining this to us when we came and he shyly hid his face.

I said "Christian that is so special! That makes you unique! Look at me- I have freckles all over my skin and not that many people have them as much as me!"

I just felt this instant connection with him as soon as I met him.

Later on, he had gotten in trouble and got sent to his room. When we went to teach a brief lesson, I asked his parents if he could join us again. They said "Yes" and proceeded to yell for him to come out. As he walked out, I called him over to me and whispered "Hey, I got you out of your room. You're welcome. Are we best friends now?"

He said "We are friends?" He seemed shocked that we could be.

I said "Of course we're friends!"

I took a picture with him and hugged him. I even started tearing up a little bit when we had to leave, because I realized, I'll probably never see him again. :( It was just such a special moment, because I felt like I knew him---like we had known each other for a very long time.

He taught me a lot in that hour I spent with him. He is a special spirit, housed in a broken body.

I attached a picture that I took with him.

On actual Thanksgiving, we had the annual Turkey Bowl, where all the missionaries in our mission assemble and play flag football, competing zone against zone. This year was the first year they let sisters play--of course, only against sisters. They divided the sisters up into 2 teams. My team lost :( But it was so much fun!

I also went a little crazy, because I nominated myself as head coach over the elders team. (I even had to call all of the companionships and determine that they'd let me be the coach.) And I went to D.I. and threw together an elite coaching outfit. It was complete with aviators, a clipboard, and whistle. One of the elders even wrote me a "pump-up" speech that I gave before they played. It was really fun--I was a little shocked when they actually expected me to determine subs. I wasn't really planning on doing anything, just yelling random nonsense at them. We actually won our first game- I was so proud. Then we lost our second.

So we had t-shirts made for our zone--Spring Mountain. And they even put on the back of mine-- Coach A . So kindly of them.

Hey did I ever tell you that I'm learning Taekwondo?!

Hey- I'm learning Taekwondo!

I broke a piece of plastic in half today...and now I have a lovely bruise on my knuckles.

It's pretty fun---although I'm pretty terrible at every thing else. (But at least I can punch things hard, right?)

Well things are going well here.

Yea, transfers are right before Christmas--on the 16th. I can't believe it's already December!! Where does the time go??

I love you all.

I know that the Atonement is real. The gospel is true.

Sister Andelin


Thoughts on Thanksgiving.
Alma 34:38  "..and that ye live in dthanksgiving daily, for the many emercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you."
There shouldn't be just one day-- ie Thanksgiving -- where we recognize all that God has done for us. We should live in "Thanksgiving daily" by constantly counting our blessings and being grateful!

-- I got a hair cut! It's just a couple of inches shorter and I have side bangs now :)
-- And I'm so excited for Lindsay and Chris!

Christian and I

The Spring Mountain Zone at Turkey Bowl

The Andelins
The back of the t-shirt

Thanksgiving with the Pauls :)

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