Monday, May 12, 2014

April 21: Transfers

So yup. We got transfer calls. Sister Larsen is going to Pahrump. And Sister Nelson is coming here. This is what
I know about her: she is from Idaho, she is older than me (21?), she is super cute, and more on the shy side.

I am going to run up to her tonight and give her the biggest hug and tell her how much I love her, before I even know her. And then she'll probably be really weirded out- but guess what?!?! I don't care!!!!!!!

Nah. She is really cool. I'm SUPER EXCITED!!

I also would like to apologize for the lack of great writing on my part for like the past long time. I'll work on it, but today I'm getting jyped like 20 minutes of my emailing time.

Elizabeth's baptism was great! I have pictures I would like to send, but they're on Sister Larsen's camera.
The service was great; many people from our ward came to support her. Even a bunch of missionaries did as well! (She is like friends with all of the missionaries around this area and invited them all to her baptism-- it was super cute!!) The spirit was really strong! And her parents came as well. Her father even offered the closing prayer! They are Catholic and are so excited for her, because they have noticed the complete 180 that she has made with her life and how extremely happy she is! They also came to her confirmation on Sunday! But Elizabeth is just positively beaming! Her birth sisters from Utah, whom she had never met, also came down for her baptism and now they have a friendship developing! Gah. I love this girl.

Y'all should come pick me up after my mission (or just come visit with me some other time) so that you can meet all of these wonderful people whom I love so much.

We had a great lesson with Kathy this week. And she has finally committed to a baptismal date! May 24th is what we are working towards. She is the coolest lady.
Missionary work is so hard! But I LOVE IT!!!

Yesterday was Easter and it was so special, because the members took such great care of us. We were invited to a morning-side with our WML and his family. Then one of the members in the ward gave me an Easter basket and said she was going to hide it, so that I had to find it, because she knew that is what Dad does for an Easter tradition. So cute!

Speaking of candy though, I have gotten SO much candy these past few weeks! I was so lucky to get a couple packages from family and friends (thanks by the way!!)  And pretty soon I'll be "6 months to sexy" so while I appreciate all of the love in packages and such, can I please not get any candy from anyone? I literally have so much candy, it is ridiculous.

I love you all so much!!!

The new "Because of Him" video is awesome!!!

I know it is truly because of Him that we have hope in this crazy world!!!

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