Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5: Missionary Week of Miracles

Over and over and over again.

He just keeps blessing me.

And I just keep being placed in the right situation at the right time. 

I've heard it said that a mission is like a giant spiritual reservoir of experiences that will help sustain you through the rest of your life. It's true. Well, I think. I haven't lived life past a mission, but the experiences I'm having now are molding me and shaping me. And I will treasure them forever.

If anyone is reading this thing, whether over email or my bloggie, and is deciding whether or not to serve a mission-- DON'T THINK TWICE. Go on a mission.

There are people that the Lord is preparing to be specifically taught by you. There are no coincidences in missionary work.

I know I was called to the Nevada Las Vegas West mission for specific missionaries, my specific mission president, specific experiences, and specific people.

If anyone ever dares question where they are called, I am now inviting you to repent of that heresy, because in reality that is completely selfish. The Lord is in the details of His work. 

Ok. I'm off my soapbox...for now.

Let me share with you some cool experiences I have been able to be a part of.


The next evening, we met a Filipino lady who literally fell into our hands. She asked US if we could teach HER. And then she walked us to her house and invited us in. She gave us some gatorade and then we started teaching her the first lesson. Pretty crazy. I've never had an experience like that on my mission.


The next day. Dinner time. We are 10 minutes late. Of course. Because I have no sense of direction. I see a man on the 2nd story of his apartment complex. We make eye contact. I wave. I have a feeling to talk to him. But we are late. I ignore feeling. Run to dinner. Post dinner, we are in the car leaving the complex. I see him walking into the complex. This is the convo that follows between my comp and I:

"Hey! That's the guy I waved at earlier!"

"Oh really?"

"Yes! Let's talk to him!"

"Ok!" She whips a U-ie and we return to the complex. She drives the car up to him, rolls down the window and says,

"Excuse me. Can I ask you a question? Are you a Christian?" Sis N

"Uh...what? Does it look like I need Christ?" (Now take note here, he is pretty ghetto-ly dressed.) He continues "Haha. Yes. We all need Christ. I am a Christian."

"Awesome! Well we are sharing messages about Jesus Christ." Sis N

"Yea. Do you remember us? I waved to you earlier. And then we saw you as we were leaving and this is crazy, but I just had this feeling that we needed to turn around and talk to you." Me

We park the car. Get out. And walk to a bench in the middle of the apartment complex to talk with this man. His name is Tim by the way. So crazy thing. Tim met with missionaries about a month ago. He went to church and really liked it. And then he lost everything- his house, car, phone, job, the missionaries' number. Now he is living with a friend in his apartment with him. Well his life went crazy pretty fast. And he was praying the night before he met us that God would guide him in his life and help him figure out what he needed to do. The next day, he met us. He was so overwhelmed that he literally started tearing up.

It was so cool. 

What's even cooler, is that earlier in the day, Sis Field had confided in me that she and Sis Freer were kind of down because they didn't have really anyone to teach for their YSA ward. Well Tim is YSA age. So we were able to pass him off to the other sisters.


Heck yes.

It was the coolest, sweetest tender mercy I think I have ever been apart of. I just dumped a pool of water into my reservoir.

Also, I've come to realize, my letters are becoming increasingly less funny.

And I apologize. I still think I have a sense of humor, but I'm just so focused, and I feel like Nephi in the BoM when he says he is only writing all of the important stuff. So I'm trying to write the important things. Just remember, I'm still me. Just hopefully a better version of me.

Also, has my bloggie been updated recently?

And I got those letters! Thanks Mumma! That is so cool! I can't believe how the zoo has been growing!! And getting national attention! That makes me really happy.

I love you all!

I love my Savior!!!

Sister Andelin

The A team at MLC (including E. Aldridge...who is from the Richmond stake)

Pizza party post baptism

Karyn and Eliana and the dynamic misisonary duo

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