Wednesday, September 25, 2013

August 22: Temple Day!

Kristin Palmese and Christa Carle. Yall are great. Too great. I don't deserve you as friends. Thanks for the package. Made my day! :)

Yay! Everyone in the mission got to go to the temple this week. There are so many of us though that they had to divide the zones and assign them either Wednesday or Thursday for their temple day. It was such a blessing to go to the temple and it was so rejuvenating- just what I needed.
Transfers Day. I get a letter from the Thornocks from home. My new companion is Sister Thornock. Apparently they're not related. Crazy coincidence? Yes.
So my new companion's name is Sister Thornock. She is 19 yrs old and is from Michigan. She is the only girl in her family with four brothers. She is a gymnast and is really little and cute. She actually went to the zoo this past April-- isn't that crazy?! And she remembers seeing Dad. Her aunt lives in Richmond and knew what Dad looked like- sure enough he was wearing his typical safari hat.
We are faring pretty well here. It is so much harder when you are the senior companion and the trainer and you're supposed to know stuff and you're the one in charge of the area. A ward member put it pretty accurately when he said "It's the blind leading the blind." It's pretty much true though. Except I'm not completely blind. I still have 6 weeks under my belt ;)
Ok. Now let me tell you a funny story. So most of my zone is new this transfer. We had a lot of people transferred out and then in. So for District Meeting this week, our whole zone (20 missionaries) all went around and introduced ourselves and then said what our spirit animal is and why. (<---- Random, I know) So everyone takes a turn and introduces themselves and shares why they picked a particular animal. Then it gets to be my turn. I stand up and this is what comes out of my mouth:
"Hi I'm Sister Andelin. I'm from Southern Virginia and I've been out for a little over 6 weeks now. My spirit animal would have to be a pig.......because I like to eat."
Dead Silence.
People didn't know how to react to that. They're like "Oh my gosh, did a girl really just say that?" "Was she joking?" "Who is that chic?"
To answer that last question. Hello, my name is Melissa Andelin. I don't have a very good filter on my mouth and no real gauge of acceptable social statements, apparently. I really actually love to eat. In fact maybe it's a problem?
It's really fun to mess with elders, too,  because they're already so awkward around sister missionaries- sometimes to the point of dehumanization. (Ok- that's a little extreme) I  just like to add to that awkward as much as possible.

One night, I was laying in my bed pondering the deep questions of life. And then I started thinking about how a lot of members go on vacation and don't make an attempt to go to church wherever they are. (Maybe they forgot that it is a world-wide church?) And this is the little rhyme I came up with.
"If you vacation from salvation, you'll only get damnation."
Don't anyone steal that. I'm going to patent that jingle.
I just wanted to share that. It's pretty accurate though. Damnation means to halt spiritual progress. So when we stop going to church, we are stopping our spiritual progress.
Remember the D family? Remember how awesome they are? Yea, me too. They're still awesome. In fact, they want to be baptized! YAY! They are so cute. The wife told us "I really wanted to make you sisters a care package, but I ran out of time this week. What about food? Could we feed you sometime?" They're feeding us this Sunday night for dinner.
Life is still good here in Las Vegas. Working hard. Trying to channel my positive outlook. You know, that is something I've come to really understand. Life is all about what you make it. If you have a bad attitude about something, you're only going to make it worse by maintaining that attitude. You see, your attitude feeds on what you give it. Give it some positivity sometime. Try it. A little positivity can go a long way. You're spirituality is like that as well. Feed it good things- the word of God, prayer, Sabbath Day worship- and it'll grow. Like a seed :)
God is so good.
I love you all.
Keep praying for me. I need all of God's help I can get.
Sister Andelin

Greatest zone in the world!!!!!

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