Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 3: The Thunder Rolls and The Lightning Strikes?

One thing I really miss in general, are natural disasters/ cool weather. I know that probably sounds odd, but the only thing Nevada gets are thunderstorms and rainstorms. When I first got here, people tried to warn me about driving in the rain. I laughed silently in my head because I grew up in VA, the mother of rain, second only to Portland Oregon. However, we have actually been getting some decent thunderstorms and rainstorms around here recently. And now I understand why rain actually is a hazard 'round these parts. Floods. Even if it rains for like 10 minutes, there is a flood somewhere. There is no where for the water to go- rocks don't absorb water. So flooding is actually an issue here. But so I've been kind of bummed that there is no potential for a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, snow, or pretty much anything else.

AND THEN- we were in an appointment Saturday afternoon. I get a phone call from R. He says "Hey, so my neighbors across the street..I'm pretty sure they're Mormon, because I've seen you both down at his house. Yea well his house just got struck by lightning and is on fire right now. There are about 6 firetrucks outside of his house. And I'm pretty sure he is out of town. I just thought I should let you know." Sure enough, we show up at the house, and it is the less active guy we've been trying to get a hold of for months now. We were prepared and had our handy dandy ward list with us and we approached the firemen. We told them that that house belonged to a member of our church and we had his phone number if they needed it. It turned out to be perfect, because the guy was out of town and the firefighters had no way to get in contact with him. Luckily, the house wasn't too bad. In fact, I think there was probably more water damage from the firetrucks, than frying from the lightning. We are hoping that maybe now, when he gets back in town, he will actually talk to us. Kinda crazy how that all turned out, huh?
The twins are getting baptized this weekend! YAY! We are super stoked.
I'm running out of time. jpioewrjpesjrspeorjkperkopeok.
Oh cool story- Elder Andersen is coming next Tuesday and is going to talk to both Vegas missions! YAY!
The house that got fried

Ice blocking with the zone yesterday---the 4 girls wanted to do a train

We failed

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