Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Did the subject catch your attention. It sure caught mine.

On Saturday, I received a call from the APs. They informed me that Sister Thornock and I are not getting transferred.

The end.


There is more.

We're staying. But our car is transferring!

Yup. That's right, folks! Sister T and I are going on the bicycles.

The problem was/is we don't have any bikes.


We're pretty stoked to go though. It's gonna be a fun, new adventure. Skirts and bikes probably aren't the best combo. But we'll figure it out. In fact we have to figure it out, because there aren't any other sister missionaries in our mission on bikes, so we have no one to seek for advice. We are the guinea pigs. The experimenters. Pioneers. Explorers. I know that there are other sisters on bikes in other missions, but not here! We're pretty excited.

No one really believed us when we told them, too. And then when they finally recognized that we weren't joking they were really surprised.

Alas. The bike dilemma. So we aren't sure how long we'll be on bikes, so we don't want to spend a lot of money on a bike. Luckily, our ward is awesome and we have found two different bikes we can borrow in the mean time.

But Mumma, could you see if you can find any bike clips online? We're going to check out Wal-Fart today.

Another crazy story. I am in need of pepper spray. It is sketchy here sometimes. We had an investigator tell us that he wanted to see Sister Thornock again and that he was sorry for being so honest. The problem is, he is in his 40s. We called our ZLs to see what we should do and they were like "Don't go over there again!" The investigator said he was just trying to be funny. But...I dunno.

Not just with him, but I hate creepy old men. There are a lot of them here in Vegas. And they wink at you. It gives me the "hee bee gee bee's" (spelling?) So that is super frustrating. And that is how we came to the conclusion that we need pepper spray.

Shout out to Sister D! If you're reading this. Hello. :) The D's are still awesome as usual. They're getting baptized October 19th at 11am. They found out about the zoo last night and they're determined to come out to VA when I get home. I told them they could stay with us. Hopefully that's ok Mommy :) I really hope they do, though. I want yall to meet them. I love them so much. I don't know if I could love them any more than I do. We taught them about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy last night and Sister D exclaimed "Yes! This is so awesome! This is exactly what I wanted to hear! I've always wanted a family day!"

Also. Funny story. Today we went and helped a lady unload her moving truck. And I accidently broke this giant piece of glass that is for a table top. Oops. I stepped on it. I felt bad. But it was kind of funny.

Hmmm...well. I'll have to let you know next week if I like to ride a bike or not.

Hey is Justin's birthday October 8th?

Alright. I love you all. But I love the Lord more.

Sister Andelin
P.s. I tried a humidifier last night for the first time and it has helped me feel sooo much better today! My sinus's were like "BAM! Clear. Open." I don't think my body knows what to do without humidity.

More pics of loverly Zone

Spring Mountain Zone

Gorgeous sun set

There was a big drought and then magically one day, it rained. a lot. of letters.

His first time kneeling for prayer. Such a cutie. He is a member of the D family and is 2 years old

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