Sunday, August 3, 2014


Family. People. World.
Guess what??!?!?
I got transferred to the Tule Springs stake. And I have another daughter in my mission posterity line-- Sister 'Otukolo. She is a Tongan from Hawaii!!
And I LOVE HER!!! She is the cutest, awesomest person ever! We just instantly clicked.
But let's rewind for a second.
This past week was super odd. Maybe one of the oddest of my mission. I know I always say that...but still.
Jamie got baptized!!! She is so cute and I am SO excited for her and her family. Her husband, Brian, was able to baptized her and he told us later that she was his first baptism. So special. When I went over Sunday evening to say goodbye, she gave me a special ring, and it meant so much to me, because I know they don't have any extra money.
On Saturday, we got a call from Sis Larsen and she was at president's house. Her companion was going home early, and so she needed a place to stay until transfers-- yesterday. So she was in a trio with us for my last little bit in the area. It was funny though, because I was thinking earlier in the week "Man. I think I'm going to get transferred. I wish Sis Larsen was here, because she could help me pack!" (She is the master organizer.) And then-- Wallah! -- she shows up. And she basically just packed everything for me... I would pack it and then she would take it all out and repack it--but better. Haha. Tender mercy. (I have SO much STUFF!)
We met with "Uncle B" and "Jean Karol with a K" and they threw us a little going away party with a cake that they had bought for us. It meant so much to me!
I got to go to Pahrump, Nevada, because I had to go pick up some of Sis Larsen's stuff.
I got my teeth cleaned!!! (Uncle Alan is the (I had some nasty black buildup on my teeth, so I got them cleaned and now they're pearly whites)
I absolutely LOVED the Palmhurst ward. It makes me really sad to think that I'm gone now. Time flies. Don't waste any time or you'll regret it later. I am a completely different person since I came to the Palmhurst ward. I think the biggest two lessons I learned there was "humility and selflessness". I really came to love people--and to teach people, not lesssons.

I am going to miss Sister Nelson, too. I learned A LOT from her. Mainly, how to become a better teacher and how to be more organized.

But I am so stoked about this area.
So funny story--
Last night after transfers, we were heading to dinner. I have my companion share the thought at the end. Then we go to our car and I hear some people, so of course we go up and talk to them. Pretty cool--got their info for a return appointment. Then I'm like "Ok. Self. We can go home and unpack, or we can just throw Sis 'O right into the work."
After about 2 seconds I think "Let's throw her right in."
But we don't even have a map of our area in our car or anything. So I just drive around a little bit aways from our dinner appointment. And we get out to go tracting at 8:00pm. I let her do the first door. And we knock a few more. Then we get to a house that are members and they let us in. We talk to them for a little bit. And then they say something about the ward.
But I'm like "Hmmm...I think we are in the wrong ward. We are in the Log Cabin ward right now."
And they say "Oh. Haha. Yea, well we're in the Elkhorn Springs stake."
So then I'm like "Great! We're not even in the right STAKE!"
Then we went home. Because I realized we couldn't get much done when we didn't even know where our area is.


Silly Willys

Elizabeth and Aaralyn!

Me n' my little girl!

Jamie at her baptism!!

The Henleys with the Wiggintons (their fellowshipping family!)


With "Uncle B"

The trio in Pahrump!

Ladina and her kids before I left!!

Sis Nelson and I at transfers.

Cous and Sis 'O

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