Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 28: Heyy

Yay!!! I am so happy that yall are doing missionary work! I literally teared up here in the library and then told my missionary friend on the computer next to me "My family is doing missionary work! YAY!" And then he just laughed at me.

My spirits are back up.

Things are going well.

Hey Mumma. I have lost my camera case!! Is there anyway you could send me a new one por favor?

Funny stories of the week.

In our area book there is a house that is listed as "Do not go to" because he supposedly pulled a gun on the Jehovah Witnesses. Well of course, we wanted a gun pulled on us! So we went and knocked at his door. Sadly, no gun.

Just an angry man who yelled "Get off my *#@$% property!" And then proceeded to SLAM the door in our faces. The end.

That was super fun. 

Another funny one for ya. We are teaching a less active lady who was literally breastfeeding her 2 year-old son during our lesson. Wide-open. It was super awkward and we were trying really hard not to laugh. HAHAHJAHA

Ok. So I love the people here in the ward. Nicest people ever. And we have the funniest WML ever too. (Hey who is the WML in our ward back home?!) We pretty much go over there for a comedy session once a week and laugh our heads off as we discuss missionary work in our ward.

We are starting a volleyball night for the youth in the Tule Springs stake. We have a volleyball player in our ward who has a bunch of nonmember friends who would love to come play. So we are rallying up the surrounding missionaries and told them to invite their LA and INV youth who want to play volleyball. Then we'll finish it off with a rootbeer float party. I'm excited about that.


Our very first contact (where we go up to someone on the street and talk to them) was a lady named Marissa. We taught her a lesson on the street and then she was willing to meet with us the next week. Long story short, this lady passed away this past week! Unexpectedly. She was only in her 30s.

Anyhew, she has 7 kids. And she had a roommate living with her (he was like her brother). Well they want to meet with us. And learn about what their mom was going to learn about. And they want to go to church and get baptized!!! MIRACLES. Super sad about the mom, but I know God can take tragedies and turn them into something good.

Love ya!

Sister Andelin

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