Sunday, November 16, 2014

August 4

Cool stuff about the employees for dinner!

Firstly, thanks for the camera case! It is so cosmopolitan!


We've been doing a lot of tracting, not my favorite thing mind you, but it helps you feel a little more productive. Plus, it shows the Lord that you are willing to do ANYTHING to find someone to teach. Had some neat experiences. We went one night at 8pm and the lady answered her door. She was a little surprised because it was so late at night, and also because her daughter was at mutual that night with a friend. Neither she nor her daughter are members, but she gave us her number and said we could come back!!!

Marissa's funeral was this past week. It was such a beautiful service. Very interesting, because most of the people there were gothic and a couple LDS. But the spirit was there very strongly. Her little kids came up to us afterward and gave us a giant hug. They remembered us. It was such a tender moment. I really feel like they are a big part of why we are here. We should be going to see them later this week :)

People are just coming out of the woodworks. We have met a few more LAs and PMFs that we are going to start working with.

I feel really blessed. And I feel the Lord trusts my companion and I. I have to repent for my sour attitude about coming here. I know the Lord puts us where our skills and talents will be most utilized, so I trust that we are where we are needed to serve.

We've been trying to pump up the ward about missionary work. It was cool, too, because a couple people in their testimonies yesterday said really nice things about us. We have occasionally started singing before lessons and after dinners. It is really cool, because I'll sing in English and Sister 'Otukolo sings in Tongan. It has been really effective in bringing the spirit in!

Sister 'Otukolo is doing awesome! She is a hardworker. Has a strong desire to be obedient. And she loves to laugh and have fun. Sometimes I have to step back and remember to laugh, because often I just get so focused on the work that I forget to laugh while doing it. Haha. She helps me to remember that.

Oh funny story. We challenged a family in our ward to give away a BoM by August 1st. So we stopped by to followup with them and the husband said the wife did not give it away. We were a little disappointed and then their 20 year old less active son came from around the corner and said "Yea, she did."

The father said "Really? To who?"

He said-- "Me."

We all started laughing. And we said that that was cheating. But it was pretty funny. 

Don't worry. We gave them a different one to give away to someone else.

Good stuff is happening. 

I love the Lord. And I love His church. I love being His missionary.

Sister A

**With our WML's wife. And her delicious "crack cookies" We call them that because they're just way too addicting

**Doesn't this kid look like Kory Nowland??

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