Sunday, November 16, 2014

August 26: Family

Dearest kinfolk and others-

How is your life(lives) going?

Mine is going great.

Transfer calls came.

My companion and I are staying. But we are moving into an apartment with 2 other sisters. This means PARTY.

Here is my typical day schedule

5:55AM- Alarm sounds for morning sports
6:03- Actually get out of bed
6:16- Morning Sports with the zone
7:00- Get in shower
7:23- Eat breakfast
8:00- Personal Study and learn the gospel things for the stuffing of spiritual body
9:00- Companion Study and practice teaching the gospel things
10:00-More companion study and learn how to be missionary
11:00-Lunch for the stuffing of physical body
12:00- Leave apartment and go knock on a butt-load of doors and talk to as many people as possible and knock on less active doors who don't want you there or pretend THEY are not there. Or we go to a member's house to try and pump them up about missionary work.
2:33- At some point use the restroom
5:00- Dinner
6:00- Go knock on a bunch more doors.
9:00pm- Come back and plan for the next day.
9:26- Get in pajamas and proceed to eat the entire kitchen.
9:57- Sing made-up songs with companion and/or fart.
9:58- Catchin some ZZZZzzzzzz's

Although that is a humourous depiction of our day--it is mainly true. 

We have been blessed though. We have some great investigators and so we normally squeeze in a lesson or two in there somewhere. It's tough though, tight schedule. 

I love my companion. She and I click so well and we just laugh and laugh and laugh. And dance and sing. And laugh. 


She really is doing GREAT! She loves people almost as much as I do, so we just talk to everyone. In fact, the other day, I was at a stoplight and she rolled down her window and yelled at a guy on his bike who was like 20 feet away. She was inviting him to our missionary musical concert. Sadly, he wasn't interested. Hah!

I love you guys!

You know what? 

The more I study the Restoration, the more and more and more it just MAKES SENSE!

Super cool.

Sister Andelin


Desert beauties

Poor missionaries can't afford bowls

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