Sunday, November 16, 2014

August 11: Life is a Highway

Good week this week.

We had zone conference which was exciting.

Elder Andelin and his companion, were the Zone Leaders who conducted the conference. At lunch time, they had to call on someone to give the prayer. Elder Andelin said, "Sister Andelin!" And then the missionaries said "Awwwwwww!!!" 

How presh. 

I love serving with my cousin. So much fun. Plus, it's so fun to annoy him as much as possible.

Hey random question, Mumma, I literally cannot find the mascara from Kohls out here in Vegas. Apparently they don't sell it anymore....can you see if they have it at ours back home please?

Sis O was sick all day on Saturday. I kept myself busy by studying, making a cut-out for an upcoming lesson, eating, watching missionary approved films, napping, more studying, messing with my camera, eating again. Pretty successful day, if I do declare.

Oh funny story. Last night, we went back to a lady's house that we had tracted into in the previous weeks. It was dark. She asked what church we were from and we said "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." She said "Oh no! Not the LDS church. That is one church I will never join!"

We smiled and asked her why that was.

She said "I can't join a church that goes against what I believe in."

We asked her what she believed in. And we explained that we are indeed Christians, ourselves as well. 

She said that she just didn't believe what we believed in. And so we kept pressing her to share with us what she thought we believed in. But she couldn't think of anything. I told her "Look. We won't be offended, but we would love to hear what you think about us, so that we can try to dispel some of falsehoods about us."

She still couldn't think of anything. So I volunteered. 

"Look, we don't have horns on our heads. My dad only has one wife and he loves her very much. We believe in the Savior. He is the one who leads His church. We don't worship Joseph Smith."

She seemed to relax a little bit. She wouldn't let us teach her anything else, but she let us give her a pamphlet with our number on it so she could look it over in private.

It was hilarious though because then she said "You know. It's you, the LDS and the Mormons, who come by these parts all the time. That's another religion I would never join."

We laughed a little and said "Well actually, they're the same. LDS and Mormon." We proceeded to explain a little bit more about how we got our nickname.

Overall it was a really positive experience and she said, "You two were very nice. Thank you." 

So ok. Cool story. I feel like God tests and tries our patience. At least He does mine, because He knows I ain't got any. MAJOR WEAKNESS. ALERT. He wants to see if you'll work hard and be obedient especially when times are tough. That's great if you can do it when it's easy. But I believe He is more interested in seeing if you will do it when it's not. For example, last night, we were knocking on some LA doors with no success. I was thinking "Man. I can't wait till 9pm tonight. Well you is 7:30...we could just go back home... No. I can't. Yes. No. Yes." Well we didn't. And thankfully so because God provided us with a tender mercy. We met the sweetest lady on the street and she let us teach her about the Restoration. We're going to go back and see her later this week.

God knows exactly what we need to grow. And normally it isn't comfortable or fun.

But it's good, nonetheless. And I'm grateful.


Gospel is still true, no matter who rejects it.

Sis A

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