Sunday, November 16, 2014

October 13: No Time

Hey I got jipped like 35 min today.

No time to email.

But Landy emailed me!!!! So I'm writing her back.  (Her friend from high school)

We get to watch the movie in a couple of weeks! (Meet the Mormons)

That is too funny about Taylor. Shameless. I love it.  (referring to Taylor leading the "Popcorn" song in the theater last week.

I love covering 2 wards. We cover a YSA and family ward so that's fun.

The bishop in the YSA is the father of one of my HT from BYU! Small world, huh?

I love Sister Reed. She's amazing.

Take care.

I love the gospel, Jesus, Heavenly Father, scriptures, icecream, food, etc etc.

Sister Andelin

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