Sunday, November 16, 2014

September 2

Wake me up when September ends......

Have you ever heard of that song?? It's a good one.


Time for the leaves to change colors into a sea of beautiful shades of Autumn. 

That's a joke....... for Vegas. No trees here!!!

I am so happy right now. Jackson is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen. And that is completely unbiased in my opinion. 

Ok. I really don't know what to write in these emails anymore.

Life is still great.

Things are picking up.

Found a couple new people to start teaching. 

We have dinner tonight with the Bishop and one of our Invs.

Oh ok. Now this is a funny story--

My zone went to the temple with my cousin's zone this transfer (I really think they do this on purpose...always putting us together haha). Well in the Celestial room, we were sitting next to each other and were really close. We were whispering to each other and chatting.

Well there are like 53465435 new missionaries in our mission and they don't know that we are related. Well one of them told his trainer later on "Man! Did you see Elder Andelin in the temple? He was REALLY flirty with that sister sitting next to him!!"

He said "Dude. That is his COUSIN!"


There is an awesome family in our ward who own a house and a pig farm in the Philippines. They said I could go visit there and stay at their house! I totally want to do that one day.

Something I have learned--

The gospel is never the popular or even easy choice. But it is always the best choice.

A unique thing about truth-- it doesn't change with time, location, or circumstance. 

It doesn't change depending on who believes it.

Truth is truth. It is eternal.

And the Christ has restored His truths back to the earth.

Mmmmmm. I love it.


We supah cute

We supah fly

Cousins UNITE

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