Sunday, November 16, 2014

October 6: Bebe Numero 3

Dearest family-

I am proud to inform you that bebe #3 will be born shortly, in approximately 6 hours. My mission posterity will go on and the Andelin name will be had for good and evil among all generations of time in the Nevada Las Vegas West mission.

It's kind of funny because I was specifically hoping that I did NOT train again. Because training is really hard. 

And then President calls this past Thursday.

But of course, I accepted the call to serve.

It is a really odd thing. I am really excited. But I think I'm most nervous about this companionship. She will be my LAST companion! I won't even get to finish training her before I go home. (We do a 12 week training program and I only have 10 weeks left.) I'm excited because I'm not going to tell her that I'm almost going home. And I'm gonna work those new shoes right off her little feet. We're going to come home every night so exhausted that we won't even want to change into our PJs, but we'll just crash in our missionary clothes. And then in a couple of weeks, at zone conference, she will get up to give her introduction testimony. And a few hours later, I will get up to give my departing testimony. I feel really at peace and I am excited to meet her.

She is sitting right now in the mission president's home. Probably a  healthy combination of anxiety and excitement as she is thinking about what it means to have that sacred black tag on her chest. She is praying that her first companion is relatively normal and will train her to be the best missionary she can be. Her parents are at home praying that same prayer, too. (Hopefully.) She is wondering if she will be able to make it. If she knows enough. What will be required of her? It is crazy to think about how that was me, 15 1/2 months ago. And now those two worlds are meeting. The beginning and the end. 

We are DT-ing into my last area. The Meadows stake. Meadows 9th ward. We are taking it over from elders (that is my favorite way to DT. The ward typically gets really excited to have sisters for the first time.) 

Ironically, I am going to miss Tule Springs. There were many tears shed here. And it took some time-- a long time -- before I learned to love it here. And I truly am going to miss it. We had our busiest week this past week. The most lessons we've had throughout the past 3 months. That was exciting. We practically tripled it since our first week.

And one of the PMF we were working with, signed my little transfer journal. The wife, who is a member, wrote that we were the first members of the church that her husband actually stayed in the room for. They've been married for 10 years and every time someone would come over, he would leave. They just recently moved here from Utah and we instantly clicked with that family. It has been so cool to see him changing. He has actually been keeping his commitments and he read the BoM chapter we gave them last week. I can't remember if I told you this or not, but he struggles finding faith in Jesus Christ. He was praying the other day in his car and asking for a sign. When he looked up, the car in front of him had a sign that said "Trust Jesus". Hahah! Can't ask for a better sign, right? How cool is that? And the other day they rescheduled with us, because he wanted to be able to be there for the lesson. They're just really special and I'm going to miss them a lot. Their 8 year old son is getting baptized this month, so hopefully I can come back for that!

I absolutely loved General Conference! Whenever I watch that though, I always think of about 50 things I need to repent of and do better in my life. It can get kind of exhausting thinking about it. And then I have to stop and remind myself that THAT IS THE WHOLE REASON WE ARE HERE! And that the Savior's Atonement is for me. And his mercy and grace are sufficient for me. If I want it. 

I really felt a theme of prophets throughout conference. And oh how I love our prophet! I completely believe that he is our living prophet of God here on the earth! And I love Christ's 12 Apostles as well. And my boy, Elder Holland. Love his talks! I can't wait to get the November Ensign and read and devour all of their talks again and again!

I also got your letter this week Mumma! Holy Crazy! I am so grateful that the good Lord was watching over you Dad!!!! Crazy crazy......craycray

I love you!

Sister Andelin


Concepcion family!!!! <3

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