Sunday, November 16, 2014

September 22: Jeepers Mister!

Wanna hear the funniest story of your lives?

Please. Brace yourself.

I'm being serious. Please make sure you are sitting on something strong and firm. That will not fall.


So earlier this week, Sis 'Otukolo and I and 2 other sisters got to help at a farm! I was SO EXCITED because I haven't scooped poo in over 15 months! So I was in heaven, scooping scooping scooping. Well Sis 'Otukolo has never done anything like this is her life. She is the perfect definition of a city girl. After about an hour or so of scooping up this dirty hay with poo, she stops and says--

"What is that?!?!" While pointing to the ground.

We stop.

"What is what?"

"Those little brown things?"

We start to smile, but try to restrain the laughter.

"What do you think it is?"

"I don't know....beans?"

At this point, we lose it. And explain to her that those are in actuality not beans, but goat poop. It was so funny, my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so much. 

Later that evening as we were back in our apartment and I'm recording this story down in my journal so that I never forget it, I ask her why she thought they were beans.

She said "Don't all country people just have beans growing all over the place?"

Apparently they do. And back home, we must have SO MANY BEANS!

I told her they were magic beans that allowed more beans to grow. 

Ok. On a more spiritual note. We found 5 new investigators this week! Things are picking up in Tules. (That is what Sis 'O calls it. It is really Tule Springs) 

And yesterday we met with a new PMF that just moved down here from Utahr. And they love it here. Well they've been married for about 11 years or so and he has never taken the missionary lessons. We invited him to and he agreed. Well we had this PERFECT fellowshipping couple who we had planned to bring and we prepared them etc etc. And the husband used to be the same religion. Same age. It just couldn't have been more perfect. I was so excited for this lesson which was a Sunday evening. (Those are always the best) Well right after church we get a text from the couple in the ward that says that they can't make it. I was initially pretty bummed. But the spirit whispered peace to my heart and said "Don't worry. It was supposed to happen this way." So I ask Sis 'O who she thinks we can invite to this lesson. She suggests another couple. They were able to come even though it was pretty late notice. Well. I KNOW that that couple was supposed to come with us. They actually knew some of the same people from Utah and bonded instantly. But the spirit in that room could not be denied. It was thick. And really special. We taught the Restoration and the husband listened intently. Their kids were also really engaged. These are the moments missionaries yearn and live for. It gave us the juice to keep going. 

Life is great. I'm still working hard. Ain't nobody got time to be lazy. The Lord is hastening His work!!

Continue to help your local missionaries out! Love them. Get to know them. Give em people to teach. Feed em. We like food. 

Oh but please never pray this prayer.

"Please bless that the missionaries will be led to those searching for the truth..."

Stop praying that they'll find them and start praying that YOU will find them for the missionaries to teach.

Ok. You can still pray that prayer, but please amend it to this

"Please bless that I ,personally, and my family members... and also the missionaries will be led to those searching for the truth. Please give me the courage I need to open my mouth and share the gospel, just like the missionaries should be doing."

If we're gonna hasten the Lord's work, we gotta do it together. And it is going to take a bunch of little hastenings within ourselves and people around us to produce a MASS HASTENING.

Ok. Done with my soapbox for now. 

Stay tuned till next week.


E''rrbody gotta get a "green-do" on their face

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