Sunday, November 16, 2014

August 18: Little Miracles

Hello familia!

Good week!

The reason I'm emailing later than normal is because this morning we went to Mt. Charleston on a hike with our zone! It was quite the adventure. I felt "one" with nature..........

In other news, cool story!!! Earlier this week, we had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant. When we walked in, I saw a worker staring at me. I looked at him and he looked really familiar. He came up to our table and asked me how he knows me. Well come to find out, a couple months ago when I was companions with Sister Nelson, we were working on talking with everyone! When we got out of our car, we saw a Cox Cable guy. We approached him, taught him a lesson on the BoM, and got his info to pass it off to missionaries in his area. THAT WAS HIM! I asked him what ever happened with that, and he said he met with the missionaries a few times, but then he moved! So we got his new number and address and are going to send missionaries over there! How cool is that?!?! Small world! So he works two jobs-- as a buser for the Mexican restaurant and as a Cox cable guy.

That was my missionary highlight of the week.

Sister 'Otukolo and I have been working on being better about talking with everyone. It is actually pretty fun to talk with people and hear some crazy excuses. Gotta love it!

We had dinner last night with a family who had a nonmember there--she wants to learn more-- and she lives in another stake! Haha. Hey, but it's still missionary work. We're all on the same team.

We got dropped by another INV this week, BUT we picked up a former. Super excited. He is actually rLDS. We had a really good conversation with him on his doorstep last night and he is willing to meet with us again! That will be very interesting. I forgot that they even existed.

In more spiritual news, I am learning what it means to have charity. I thought I actually had charity, but then I realized that in fact, I do not. Actually, at all. Haha. So that is something I have been studying and praying for. I believe that that is in large part why I am here in this area. To learn that simple, yet incredibly difficult lesson. Charity I believe is to have unconditional love. It means to love someone, regardless of them loving you back. You strive to see everyone as Jesus Christ would see them. 

Wanna know something that I love??

It's something you can do at anytime and anywhere. 

It is SO MUCH FUN! And it is AWESOME. 

You get great reception everywhere.

Did you guess it, yet?


Mmmmm. I love me some prayers. Seriously. Did you think to pray??? Did you really stop and think about how you have the ability to TALK TO THE SUPREME CREATOR. Man. If that isn't the best news ever, I don't know what is.

Oh another cool story.

We talked to 3 boys on the street about the Restoration and I said "And we believe there is a prophet on the Earth right now!" We asked him how he felt about that and he said " If that is true, that is the best news ever! We should all be going around and sharing that with everyone!!!" 

We laughed and said "Exactly! That's what we're doing RIGHT now actually!"

Good times, good times.

Ok. Well we really need to go get some food from a store somewhere because we are pretty much out of food and I don't really care to die this upcoming week. So that is all I can think of to share for this week....


Next week will be a great letter too. 

Oh yea.

Oh hey. We should be getting ipads next month.

Love ya!

Sister Andelin


Mah new fav candy!!!

Comp selfies

BK part-aeee

At the Mt.

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