Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 9: the most miserable week of my life

From the subject of my letter, you are probably wondering what. in . the. world. happened.

Or maybe you're not, because you are assuming I am just going to tell you.


But alas, I am not.

You have to guess.

Why do you think I had the most miserable week of my life?



So this past week I got SO SICK WITH THE STOMACH FLU.

I had "the double-headed dragon". And it was terrible. It hit me like a ton of bricks on Thursday night after dinner. And I was sick ALL NIGHT LONG. Alternating between being ON the toilet and throwing up IN the toilet.

The hilarious part is, on Thursday night, our water got shut off and we didn't have indoor plumbing-- so we had to migrate to our WML's home to sleepover (or barfover) so I could have a working toilet. I pretty much only got about 30 minutes of sleep that night and I just laid on the bathroom floor for most of the night. And then I got so dehydrated and was so thirsty that all I wanted was water or liquid, but my stomach still hurt. But I still drank some water. And then I threw it up. It was so miserable. And then I slept pretty much all the next day and most of the next. And then Saturday we went out from 4pm on. 

And we decided to go street contacting. And we walked up and down Charleston. With virtually no one in sight. In 100+ degree weather. And I was still feeling sick and tired and dehydrated. My thoughts "This is miserable."

And then we finally ran into someone!!! Haha

What was such a tender blessing though, was that on Thursday night when I was sick, it was like 9pm and I was thinking "Man. I really should get a blessing. It's kind of late. I don't know who I would call."

And then not even 5 minutes later, our doorbell rings.

2 elders were standing there because they had to pick something up from the other sisters. It was crazy! So they gave me a blessing and it was so beautiful and comforting!!!

Other that, we found a new investigator Arnol!!!! He is awesome!!! We met with him 3 days in a row! It would have been 4, but then I got sick and then he got sick :(

Also, last night, I had dinner with an ex-felon.

Just when you think you know someone.......

It was awesome! He told us his story. Well actually he shared it in his talk in Sacrament meeting. Pretty neat how he completely changed his life around.



Love yall!!!


Sister Andelin

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