Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 23: Year-iversary

Wow. I am on the slowest computer in the world. 

Just to type that above sentence took like a minute. Looks like this letter is gonna be a  short one. This is seriously ridiculous.

Ok. So I turned one year old this week! Holy cow- where does time go?? To celebrate, I cheated on my diet and went to DQ to eat a blizzard.

Ok. Now I'm on a faster computer!!!

Thank you Mumma for the fruit and balloon! That was so sweet. Also, yes, they put up a couple of pictures on the video. Thankfully not the super embarrassing one you supposedly sent them. Haha. The FH one??? Actually, they should have, it would have been funny.

Life is good here. We had a lot of our INV and LAs come to church yesterday, so that's always exciting. 

I love you!

I know the gospel is true!! 

Sister Andelin

one of my fav missionaries!!!

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