Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 21: Well

It is really hard as a missionary to feel successful when you can't measure the progress of people. Hard to explain.

But I'm excited and so is Sis 'O. I feel miracles just around the corner. It'll take some time, hard work, and obedience, but we feel prepared to do that job.

Ok. Now on to some funny stories.

I hit an elder on his bike. With a car. The end.

He is ok. And the bike is. Hopefully the car is......


Ok. Second funny story, we knocked on the house of an African preacher (no literally, from Africa) who talked to us for about 45minutes. This is what he believes-- faith is seeing, no more prophets will ever be called, pictures of Christ are against the 10 commandments, and that he is holier than us. It was a pretty comical conversation. He gave us some info for his church, but wouldn't accept ours, because it had a picture of Christ on it. Also, we tried to pray at the end, but he said that according to the Bible, we can't pray with him because he is more learned in things of the spirit.

I said "Oh really? That's nice. Well can you pray for us then? We would love that."

So he prayed for us. 

He also has traveled all around the world-- to over 20 countries and preaches to half a million people. I said " I don't need to travel around the world to know Jesus is the Christ. I haven't seen Him, but I know He is real. Why do we have to go to Africa to preach about Him, when people aren't even willing to go across the street and talk to their neighbor about Him?"

He then went off to talk about how we have to preach the gospel to all the world (we explained that we have missionaries all over the world. 

Anyways. Very interesting.

He wouldn't let us bear testimony without interrupting us. Haha.

Ok. Gotta go.

Pray for me.

Love yall!


Sister A

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